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Industrial slurry filter for tea

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter continuously removes tea leaves and solids from hot tea infusion slurries before extraction process

As well as the traditional method of making tea by infusing hot water with leaves, teas can be made using manufactured concentrates or powders, and are often consumed cold as well as hot. Today’s consumers demand properties such as faster infusion, stronger aromas and a wealth of flavours. As this traditional drink continues to diversify and modernize with consumer demand, manufacturers must modernize their production processes whilst ensuring quality and production output is not compromised. The addition of an industrial self-cleaning industrial filter can ensure the quality and consistency of tea infusions and concentrates during the manufacture of tea products. Before spray drying, it is important that solids such as tea leaves and other sediment is removed, preventing blockages in spray nozzles as well as improving dissolve rates of the final powder.

In this demonstration video, solid tea material is removed from a hot tea infusion using the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. This range of high-performance industrial filters for food and beverage slurries continuously removes the oversize contamination from the hot tea slurry, with minimal operator involvement. The infusion mixture is pumped from the heated container through the inline filter, where the oversize solid tea material is removed. As a result, the contamination-free tea infusion is guaranteed to be the correct quality and consistency for the extraction stage, where it will be processed into tea powder.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® reduces downtime during operation, benefiting from a unique self-cleaning design. This means no stoppages to change filter elements, and no slowing of throughput due to blocked screens. These industrial filtration systems for the food and beverage industry are available in specially-engineered high temperature and sanitary designs and are totally enclosed. A variety of horizontal and vertical in-line filters are available to suit different installations and improve accessibility.

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