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Screening raw food ingredients

Easy-clean separator eliminates oversize and removes contamination from maize flour, desiccated coconut, and cocoa powder to enable higher-quality end product

The safety sieving of bakery ingredients, from desiccated coconut, maize flour, cocoa powder, to candy pieces such as honeycomb or fudge, is necessary to make sure that contamination is effectively removed. It is important that all food ingredients are sieved in accordance with food industry safety standards, and that HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) standards are put in place to ensure final product quality.

In this demonstration video, the Russell Compact Sieve® is used to sieve various bakery ingredients, including desiccated coconut, maize flour, and cocoa powder. The ingredients are emptied onto the mesh screen, where it is sieved removing all oversize, coarse lumps, and contamination from the powders. Ideal for wet and dry applications, this high-performance low profile unit can handle a large product throughput – needed for products like flour or cocoa powder. The Compact Sieve delivers a higher throughput rate compared to conventional spring mounted vibrating screens because of it’s ‘straight through’ design. Due to the unique vibrating action of the sieve, lump breakers are also used to break up the agglomerated material, reducing operator involvement and increasing product yield.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a high-capacity, versatile check screening solution. With its easy to clean design, this vibratory screener has minimal contact parts and requires no tools for disassembly. This ensures cleaning between product batches can be carried out adequately with minimal disruption to your production process. It is also available as a fully stainless steel unit and can be tailored to meet any specific screening requirement that you require.

From flour, cocoa powders, biscuits, or candy, we have a full range of industrial separation equipment to suit your food and beverage application requirements. To find out more about how Russell Finex can meet your sieving requirements for your food and beverage products, or to arrange a free machine trial, contact us today.

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