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Removing oversize from milk powder

Using the Finex 22™ and Russell RotoBlock™ when grading and removing oversize from milk powder

Milk powder in the food and beverage industry is a popular application, and its manufacturing process is one that requires an accurate and reliable sieving solution designed in accordance with many food safety screening standards (e.g. FDA and 3-A standard approved). Removing contamination and oversize from milk powder used in products such as infant formula is of the utmost importance to preserve the integrity of the formula and maintain the product at the highest quality.

In this demonstration video, the infant formula milk powder is screened by a Finex 22™ with a Russell RotoBlock™. The RotoBlock™ is a simple device used to help break down agglomerated powders, to ensure maximum product yield. As the powder is fed onto the mesh using the gyratory action of the sieve, the RotoBlock™ rotates on the mesh removing fine particles of the agglomerated milk powder, allowing for all the formula to be separated from the unwanted hard agglomerates.

The Finex 22™ is a highly versatile industrial sifter, suitable for safety screening batches of powders in one continuous operation, as well as the accurate grading of granules and powders. The unit offers end users increased productivity and higher throughput rates than conventional spring-mounted separators. The unit also drastically reduces downtime and is easy to operate, with no tools required for disassembly and can be used in various locations within a production line.

To further improve this separation of agglomerated milk powder and to achieve a high-quality product, the unit is fitted with an Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™. This easy-to-clean magnetic separator is perfectly designed to remove ferrous contamination from the infant formula, and is constructed from stainless steel giving it a hygienic, crevice-free design to further minimize contamination risk.

Russell Finex has over 85 years of experience producing a range of sieving, separation, and filtration solutions for the food and beverage industry, including products such as milk powder, flour, honey, and chocolate. To find out more about how our equipment can best address your specific requirements, contact an experienced sales engineer today.

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