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Screening high capacity plastic pellets

The Finex Separator™ separates polymer pellets from oversize material and dust in one operation

Plastics, polymers and rubber are versatile materials that can be combined with a variety of additives during manufacture, to deliver a range of properties and final products. They can be supplied as beads, pellets, powder, granules and flakes before the production process, the most common being injection molding or extrusion. Some of these products, particularly plastic granules, are commonly made from recycled plastics.

However, before being used in production, these base materials must be screened, as well as additives and fillers such as masterbatch pellets, chalk and clay. Industrial vibratory separators can be used to qualify a consistent particle size. These plastic pellet screening systems ensure consistency of the materials used, safeguarding the final quality of the product.

In this demonstration video, polymer pellets are separated from oversize material and dust using the Finex Separator™ to provide high throughput polymer screening. This separation technology for polymer pellets can provide up to five product fractions using four mesh screens. On this occasion, two screens are used, effectively providing three cuts of material in one operation. The top deck removes oversize fragments of the polymer, whilst the good pellets and dust pass through the mesh. The deck below then accurately separates the good pellets from the dust. The product is now of a consistent size, ready to be used in manufacture.

This range of screening machines for plastics, polymers and rubber is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, designed for accurate grading, scalping or sizing of wet and dry materials. The Finex Separator™ benefits from major advances in separation technology, meaning major improvements in sieving accuracy, capacity, noise levels and upgradeability compared with traditional spring suspension separators.

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