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Bulk screening buttermilk

Ultrasonic screening of fatty buttermilk powders

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a high performance vibratory screener and when combined with the Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System, this unit is highly effective at screening fatty powders . This demonstration video shows the screening of buttermilk powder to remove foreign contaminants.

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In the first half of the video the Vibrasonic® Deblinding System is turned off. At the end of the run it is clear to see the mesh apertures have become blocked resulting in a significantly reduced flow rate. With the Vibrasonics turned on the mesh apertures remain clear and allow for the product to flow through the sieve at more than double the flow rate. Similar to milk powder, buttermilk powder is processed using spray drying, however buttermilk is derived from the manufacture of cream products. Buttermilk powder has a clean, dairy flavor and has excellent solubility and good emulsifying properties. This cream powder contains a higher fat content than normal milk powder, making the powder thicker with higher levels of moisture. The higher fat content can be a problem when sieving buttermilk. As a heavier powder it is prone to blockages and causes substantial mesh blinding which reduces overall capacity, slowing production rates. Blinding results from particles plugging into the open apertures of the screen mesh which slows down overflowing material from falling through the mesh screen.

The Russell Compact Sieve® offers high capacity safety screening of powders and liquids removing oversize contamination while ensuring correct product quality. The Russell Compact Sieve® was chosen as the machine is best suited to this process due to of its quick and easy operation, and its compact size ensured it would fit neatly into an existing production line.

The Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System helps to sieve powders on finer meshes, while offering greater accuracy and providing precise sieving down to 20µm. Ultrasonic sieving helps improve the quality of your final product as well as the value.

Russell Finex research and test facilities provide a valuable opportunity for customers to test Russell sieving and filtration equipment while providing complete peace of mind that the machinery chosen is right for you.

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