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Screening freeze-dried ginger

Industrial screener screens three fractions of freeze-dried ginger in one operation, removing oversized contamination

A very popular spice, ginger contains high levels of gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is used as a spice to add flavors in food or as a traditional medicine.

In food processing industry specifically, ginger is commonly used as dried or in powdered extract. To achieve an optimum consistency and highest quality, the raw material needs to be screened before being used in end-products. An industrial vibratory screener can be used to achieve a consistent particle size, safeguarding the final product quality. The Finex Ultima™ is the ideal screening solution, capable of accurately grading materials in up to five fractions, removing oversized contamination and improving the overall product quality.

In this demonstration video, freeze-dried gingers are graded from oversized materials and dust powders using a 30” Finex Ultima™ machine. The grading is performed on a double deck vibro screen using 2mm and 8mm mesh sizes to obtain three fractions of desired particle size in one operation whilst also preventing mesh blinding. The batch of dried ginger is fed onto the top deck with 8mm mesh, where the oversized ginger particles are separated, whilst the small particles and dust pass through the mesh. In the bottom deck, ginger particles between 2mm to 8mm which is then separated through the outlet, while particles and dust below 2mm is collected through the bottom outlet.

This type of screening for food ingredients can also be used for removing oversize contamination, dewatering wet material, and de-dusting. Exclusively designed for India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the Finex Ultima™ delivers high product throughput compared to conventional spring-mounted vibro separators, and can provide up to five accurate fractions of product. The vibratory screen is operator friendly, with patented rubber suspension providing lower noise levels, and easy to clean hygienic panwork.

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