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Screening ready meal products

Industrial screening of dry food ingredients with magnetic separator ensures the quality of ready meal powders and dried vegetables

Ready meals have become a major part of the modern-day food industry. To meet the needs of modern society, where work and social demands have meant a sacrifice on meal times, food producers are continually improving ready meal production lines, creating appetizing foods that can be prepared in minimal time. In some cases, dried ingredients including flavorings, herbs and spices, flours and dried vegetables are used in the processing of ready meals such as sauces, soups and other packaged goods. To ensure the integrity of these dried food ingredients, vibratory screeners are used throughout ready meal production lines, removing oversized product and contamination.

In this demonstration video, dry ready meal ingredients are check-screened using the Russell Compact Sieve®. This industrial check-screening machine ensures the quality of wet or dry food ingredients, removing oversize and foreign contamination and guaranteeing consistent powder quality and product sizing. These vibratory screeners fit neatly into existing food production lines, with a compact design, whilst delivering high throughput rates. The units are available with all-stainless-steel contact parts and can be quick and easily dismantled and assembled for cleaning, ideal for use with multiple food ingredients.

To further guarantee the integrity of food powders, a magnetic separator is installed below the mesh. This magnetic grid sieve provides a convenient option to removing fine iron contamination from food powders. Throughout food production, processing, storage and transportation, various operations can result in the introduction of fine iron from the wear of processing equipment. This can be easily removed by integrating a magnetic grid. All powder passes through the grid, and ferrous contamination is attracted to its rods, whilst good powder flows through. The high-strength magnetic grate is designed to provide optimum coverage and ensure contamination removal.

Contact Russell Finex to discuss dry food screening requirements, or try the online Interactive Application Finder tool to find out more about where separation equipment can fit into your ready meal production line.

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