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Processing distillers mash and spent grains

Separating liquid solubles from spent grains during liquor or spirits production to reduce disposal costs and operator handling

The production of alcohol such as gin, vodka and whiskey in the craft distillery industry requires the mash to be processed either before or after the still to remove as much liquid as possible. Until now this process, known as dewatering spent grains or processing spent mash, has been a time consuming and costly operation. Installing the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ at the end of your process provides a cost effective solution for continuous separation of spent distillers grains from the liquid.

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What the industry says:

Bill Owens, Founder & President of the American Distilling Institute comments "This is a complete game changer for the industry. It's a highly effective separator for handling spent grains. It's a must have for every distillery wanting to improve profitability."

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is a versatile centrifugal separator which can be fitted post fermentation as well as post distillation.


  • Capable of handling high flow rates up to 100 USgal/mins (400 l/mins)
  • Reduces disposal costs of dewatered spent distillate
  • Small footprint and quick and easy to install and setup
  • Stripdown and assembly easily accomplished by one operator
  • Low running costs, achieve payback within three months
  • Monetize your effluent by-products through bio-energy methods

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