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Industrial screening of turkish coffee powder

Video demo of Russell Finex Separator allowing elimination of oversize material in the processing of Turkish coffee powders

The screening of Turkish coffee powder is an important process in safeguarding product quality. Not only is the trade of coffee a globally popular commodity, but the production of coffee is a fiercely competitive market, and producers are always under intense pressure to both safeguard product quality and deliver large quantities.

In this demonstration video, the coffee powder is screened using a 30” Finex Separator™, chosen due to its ability to deal with large amounts of oversize. The Turkish coffee is fed into the separator, where all chaff contamination is removed, whilst the finer coffee powder is collected, ready to be packaged and used. The use of mechanical deblinding discs also helps achieve optimal screening efficiency by ensuring agglomerated powders are kept clear from the mesh aperture. The Finex Separator™ is ideal for the accurate grading, scalping, and sizing of wet or dry materials like coffee powder, which provides notable improvements compared to traditional screeners in sieving accuracy and capacity. Available in four different sizes, this machine can be reliably fitted anywhere in a production line and can handle whatever throughput is required.

The patented rubber suspension reduces noise levels, while the rubber feet allow for ease of manoeuvrability. The housing design of the Finex Separator™ also allows for standard motors to be used, which keeps the maintenance costs to a minimum.

With 90 Years’ in the industry, Russell Finex is a leading global manufacturer, able to adapt to suit any businesses needs. Whether you are screening crystal or soluble coffee, Russell Finex can provide a suitable solution. To find out more about the range of separation solutions for the food and beverage industrycontact us today to discuss your companies’ requirements.

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