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Sieving detergent powders and granules

Demo video about screening of detergent granules with the Russell Compact Sieve to improve product quality and keep the operators safe

Within the chemical industry, product quality is of the utmost importance. A manufacturer of dishwasher detergents required a sieving machine to remove product contamination, such as oversized or agglomerated granules, which can occur after the blending and mixing process and impact the final quality of the product.  This demonstration video shows how the 600mm Russell Compact Sieve® successfully removes the oversize contamination from the detergent powder, ensuring a final product of only the desired particle size.

The Russell Compact Sieve® vibratory screener was chosen due to its compact size, which can easily fit into the limited headroom space available in the production line, without compromising flow rates. The quick release clamping system and minimal contact parts of the Russell Compact Sieve® ensures that the machine can be easily disassembled and thoroughly cleaned between batches, keeping downtime to a minimum.  This vibratory screening machine can also be enclosed to provide effective dust containment, safeguarding operators from hazardous materials.

Russell Finex has years of experience working with manufacturers in the chemical industry, and the Russell Compact Sieve® has been applied to applications such as screening powder paint, automotive powder coatings and many others. Read chemical industry case studies and watch other chemical industry trial videos to find out how Russell Finex can help you improve product quality and production efficiency.


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