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PET and PVC plastic separation

The Russell Finex Separator™ with cascade screening system removes contamination from PET plastic

Plastic separation has become even more important to the recycling industry. Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic is the most widely recycled plastic in the world, and can be found in the packaging of a wide variety of products including beverages, peanut butter, frozen foods, cosmetics, and household cleaners. In a vastly unsustainable world, the ability for companies to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics is becoming a necessity.

In this demonstration video, chopped PET plastic is dedusted using a Finex Separator™ to remove contamination such as glass or metal particles that can affect the consistency and quality of the final product.  This revolutionary vibratory separator is designed for the accurate grading, scalping, and sizing of any wet or dry materials. Available in a variety of sizes to fit easily into a production line, the Finex Separator™ allows for increased sieving capacity, and reduced noise levels compared with other traditional suspension separators.

To further guarantee the removal of impurities, a cascade screening system was added into the Finex Separator™. This is a two-phase separation system, where two screens of the same mesh size are mounted on top of each other. Material is fed into the upper screen and is either discharged or flows over to be screened again, which is useful when particle sizes that are being separated are close to the aperture of the mesh. This allows for the plastics to be screened on a much larger screen area, which in turn enables a higher throughput.

As a global leader in manufacturing innovative and high-quality equipment, Russell Finex has been supplying separation equipment to the recycling industry for over 85 years. Whether you are processing plastics such as PET, PMMA, PA, POM or HIPS, Russell Finex has a solution for you. To discuss your plastic recycling requirements, Contact Us today.

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