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Innovation in industrial separation

May 26, 2022

For over 90 Years Russell Finex has engineered and designed innovative sieving and filtration equipment suitable across a range of industries

Established in 1934, Russell Finex started out as ‘RPA builders’, a small company headed by three builders. Shortly after its humble beginnings, the company headed towards a new direction under the guidance of engineer and inventor, John Hurst, who patented and redeveloped the motor of a sieving machine. Hurst’s work eventually led to the introduction of the ‘Super Finex’, the first high-speed vibratory sieve, specifically engineered for the paint industry.

Becoming Russell Finex in 1970, the group has since become a global market leader in sieving and filtration equipment, following on from Hurst’s innovative engineering. As well as specializing in vibratory sieves and self-cleaning filters, with an expansive range of equipment for each, the group offers tailored upgrades to serve specific customer requirements. In 2001, Russell Finex patented its own ultrasonic deblinding system to combat mesh blockages caused by difficult powders, a solution still used for numerous applications today. Today, the group offers a wider range of unique upgrades including a screen-lifting system and the safe and easy to use Russell Superclamp™

Russell Finex’s innovation stems from its core philosophy; ‘customer trust, a Russell must’, guaranteeing reliable and high-end quality from all its manufactured machinery. This is a key element when providing equipment to key industries such as food and pharmaceuticals that require consistently high standards for the safety of their products. To keep up with evolving industry requirements, Russell Finex also invests in extensive research, allowing it to quickly adapt to new markets and emerging technologies.

More recently, Russell Finex has been at the forefront of providing powder handling to the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. Working closely with the industry since its conception, the group has remained committed to providing a streamlined solution for qualifying, reusing and recycling AM powder. The award-winning Russell AMPro® Sieve Station not only guarantees the quality of AM powder but is also fully modular and programmable, minimizing operator involvement and making the process more easily accessible overall.

In addition to providing streamlined and effective sieving solutions, Russell Finex also offers its own self-cleaning filtration line of equipment, including a patented Russell Filter Management System™. This easy-to-use solution minimizes operator involvement by automatically monitoring and automating vital parts of the process. Like most of our equipment, this advanced solution increases productivity while streamlining the overall process.

Providing proven separation solutions for over 90 Years, Russell Finex is committed to designing and engineering effective machines to match the varied requirements across different industries. Each machine also comes with customization and upgrade options tailored to different applications while ensuring effortless operation and integration into any production line.

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