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Screening equipment to improve the quality of your chemicals

Enhance your reputation with our sieving and filtration equipment.

All chemical powders and liquids require some screening or filtration for quality assurance or correction during their production. 

We have over 85 years’ experience providing customers with our market-leading solutions. Our equipment removes contamination from chemical products such as resins, emulsions and powders. It is also low maintenance, quiet and keeps operators safe from product exposure. We can also customize our products to suit your application and installation perfectly.

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Benefits of our equipment


Safeguards your reputation

All oversized contamination is removed to ensure your final product quality and eliminate customer complaints


Maximizes your productivity

Our equipment provides higher screening capacities than traditional sieves and filters


Minimizes your downtime

Tool-free, easily dismantled parts reduce downtime and enable easy cleaning. Simple design means low maintenance


Protects your operators

Low noise levels and enclosed operation keep your operators and environment safe

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