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Expo Pack Mexico 2016 Preview

May 3, 2016

Expo Pack Mexico is a premier packaging and processing exhibition in Mexico and Latin America. Spanning over 200,000 square feet, the exhibition hosts over 30,000 packaging and processing professionals from a wide range of industries. These industries include:  food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics, textiles and automotive.  Expo Pack Mexico also offers a full conference program that includes an innovation stage, and highlights the latest eco-friendly trends.


A worldwide leader in fine mesh separation technology, Russell Finex will exhibit its diverse range of innovative technology at this year’s show. The large global entity has specialized in the design and manufacture of vibratory sieves, separatorsultrasonic mesh deblinding systems and filtration equipment since 1934. A team of experts will be on hand to lend their insight, and provide guidance on the most suitable solution for handling specific materials. Overall, Russell Finex has worked with a wealth of leading multi-national corporations across all industries including Grupo Bimbo, Pfizer, Mondolex International, and 3M.

Russell Finex’s range of premium quality sanitary equipment ensures the highest quality and purity of final product. On display at Expo pack Mexico, Booth 1216, will be the following separation solutions:

Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System : This innovative method of fine mesh ultrasonic sieving allows sieving of difficult powders on meshes with very small apertures. By applying an ultrasonic frequency to the mesh screen, the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System prevents mesh blockage, meaning increased throughput and higher production rates, down to 20 micron.

-The Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™. Popular in the food industry due to its easy to clean and compact design, this versatile screening machine also makes use of a unique bag dumping station, allowing operators to feed their product at a safe and accessible level, and provides increased capacities compared to traditional rotary sieves.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®: This range of industrial filters for liquids ensures operator safety, with its fully-enclosed design, as well as protecting product purity. This innovative self-cleaning system means there is no downtime caused by having to strip down and clean, and a range of sanitary and high-temperature models are available.

The Finex Separator™: A vibratory separator designed for accurate grading, scalping or sizing of wet and dry food products up to five fractions in one operation. Compared to traditional separators which use spring suspensions, it delivers large improvements in sieving accuracy, capacity, noise levels and upgradeability.

Visit Russell Finex at Booth 1216 to learn more about its range of high-quality separation solutions.

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