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The Mini sifter: Portable, lightweight and affordable

January 4, 2023

The perfect screening solution for smaller sized businesses and startups

Russell Finex continually innovates products that can help the production lines of companies of all sizes, in all industries. When you think of the AM industry and the bakery industry, you don’t think they’re linked. That’s where the Russell Mini Sifter™ comes in. Specifically designed for smaller businesses and start-ups, the idea that the “highest” quality is out of your price range is a thing of the past.

How it works

Using our 90 Years of experience manufacturing high-quality sieving and filtration solutions, the Russell Mini Sifter™ is designed so that liquids or powders can be sieved to remove contamination and oversize. It works using a cleverly designed motor that vibrates the unit, causing particles smaller than the mesh size to pass through the mesh while larger particles stay on top.

Russell Mini Sifter

How the mini sifter can benefit you

A versatile piece of equipment, the Russell Mini Sifter™ is especially useful for startup companies and smaller businesses since it is affordable, low energy and requires minimal space. The mini sifter can also improve the productivity in production lines as it also requires minimal operator involvement and cleaning downtime thanks to its quick and easy tool-less disassembly.

Suitable for both wet and dry screening, the mini sifter is perfect for grading or check screening smaller batches of powders and liquids. The portable, lightweight and easy to use design means that the mini sifter can fit into existing production lines and easily be moved around to different areas as desired. Perfect for smaller companies that have little headroom requirements, the Russell Mini Sifter™ can be used for batch sieving for all industries, from bakeries to laboratories .The quiet operation, with typical noise levels being below 65 dBA, also makes for an unintrusive experience.

The mini sifter has benefitted a wide range of customers, improving their processes and providing a smaller alternative to industrial check screeners. Paleo, a company that provides paleontological and archaeological services, integrated the batch sifter to screen and separate small fossils and artifacts. The mini sifter was the perfect solution for their portable and lightweight sifting requirements, reducing their screening time and water usage by 20%. Read more about how the mini sifter benefitted Paleo here.

The range offered by Russell Finex provides solutions to sieving and filtration problems, showcasing that reliable, high quality equipment can’t only be acquired by large businesses and doesn’t necessarily require high-end budgets. Installing the mini sifter into your process will enhance your product quality, lower costs and improve efficiency.

About Russell Finex

Founded in 1934, Russell Finex has over 90 Years of experience in supplying sieving, filtration and separation equipment for a wide range of industries around the world. From small startups to multinational businesses like Nestle and GKN, we have a wide range of customized solutions to meet your requirements. Contact Russell Finex today to find out more.

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