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ATEX equipment directives

October 13, 2021

How to keep your equipment safe and certified in an explosive environment

Put in place by the European Union, the ATEX directive is a safety standard that covers equipment intended for use within explosive environments. Production lines across a range of industries can face explosive hazards such as flammable gases, static electricity or combustible dust, which is why equipment needs to be certified and fit for purpose. The primary aim is to provide assurance that equipment is suitable for the protection and safety of production facilities and staff.

How can you tell if equipment is ATEX-approved?

ATEX-certified equipment will be clearly marked with a sticker showing an ‘EX’ symbol, along with code markings specifying what hazards it is suitable for. When purchasing separation equipment, we provide documentation and valid certification for your peace of mind. This also applies to upgrades and additional parts you wish to order later.

However, it should be noted that identical parts or upgrades purchased from third parties will invalidate your ATEX certification, posing potential risks to your production line.

What are the impacts of ignoring the directives?

ATEX directives are enforced for the health and safety of end users. Compliance is essential when purchasing new equipment or modifying existing equipment with new parts or upgrades. Ignoring ATEX standards poses significant risks to production staff as they could be exposed to dangerous hazards in a potentially explosive environment.

What are the advantages of ATEX-certified equipment?

ATEX certification ensures important safety features are integrated into your equipment such as rubber gaskets to prevent static electricity build up or full containment to prevent fume and dust leakage. The implementation of these standards protects the health and safety of end users and guarantees that equipment is fit for purpose within hazardous production lines.

How does Russell Finex separation equipment comply with ATEX standards?

To combat explosive hazards, we can provide fully certified ATEX options with each of our machines. Our equipment can be fully contained and sealed to prevent dust and fume leakages, component parts can be grounded to prevent any static electricity build up and electrical components are certified for use in the relevant ATEX zone.

Contact an experienced sales engineer to find out more about our ATEX-certified machine options.

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