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April 7, 2015

Russell Finex participated in the FOTEG ISTANBUL exhibition which was held in Istanbul, Turkey from 5-8 March 2015

The Foteg Istanbul exhibition, specifically designed for the food processing industry, proved to be a great success for Russell Finex as visitors from all around the world had the opportunity to view and learn more about the latest screening and filtration equipment on offer at booth number B-57, Hall 2.


Showcasing the latest technology and equipment for five key sectors including Food Processing Technologies and Machinery, Food Additives, Food Packaging Technologies and Machinery, Bakery Technologies and Food Safety and Hygiene, the exhibition saw a large number of visitors attend with the most up to date technology and innovations displayed. The export of food packaging machinery has been growing at a rate of 12% in recent years in Turkey and the exhibition provided a powerful business platform by bringing together professionals specializing in these industries from all over the world. Visitors had the opportunity to understand the latest trends within the market and the chance to gain direct access to the suppliers of this particular technology.

Russell Finex displayed a variety of high quality equipment at booth number B-57, which included the following:

The Finex Separator™ - The Finex Separator™ is a revolutionary vibrating screen separator designed for accurate grading, scalping or sizing of wet and dry materials. It provides perfect movement of material on mesh separating product using the ideal suspension and weight system to achieve the intended scroll. This model was showcased along with The Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System that has been designed so that it can be retrofitted onto any new or existing vibrating sieve or separator. It helps to avoid blinding and blocking of mesh in order to maximize mesh life. Also included was The Russell Vibrastop™ which reduces excessive movement and noise during start up and shutdown of the separator in order to improve accuracy and provide noise level reduction.

Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ – This model has been created for low level bag emptying and check screening of raw materials. The sieve is used by companies within the processing industry for products such as food ingredients and flour. The bag tipping platform allows operators to empty bags up to 25kg and provides a high screening capacity whilst eliminating oversized contamination.

Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® – This filter for liquids significantly improves the quality of the product and eliminates oversized contamination. The machine comes in a variety of difference sizes, which can be easily fitted into existing pipework and ensures there is a high level of reduction in waste.

Hemal Adalja, Export Sales Manager for Southern Europe & ME regions, comments “This exhibition was the perfect opportunity to meet new and existing customers in order to discuss and provide solutions for their processing requirements. We have seen the food and beverage industry in this region expand rapidly and this was the ideal opportunity to showcase our high quality equipment and be part of this growth.

Due to the great turnout and success of the exhibition, Russell Finex are looking forward to attending the next FOTEG ISTANBUL event in 2017 and working closely with those who attended the exhibition in order to form further lasting relationships with visitors.

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