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October 31, 2014

Russell Finex will be exhibiting at this year’s PACK EXPO International in Chicago (Booth #7128)

PACK EXPO International 2014, one of the largest international processing and packaging expositions, defines the latest innovations and trends in the industry. Led by the Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), which has served as a global resource for packaging and processing technology for over 80 years, the PACK EXPO serves over 2,000 exhibiting companies on a show floor spanning 1.2 million net square feet. PACK EXPO not will not only host the industry’s leaders, consumers and decision makers, it also offers the opportunity to explore new possibilities, technologies and ideas.


Russell Finex will be displaying a broad range of their innovative separation equipment to over 45,000 industry professionals from over 40 vertical markets from 2-5 November at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. The booth (#7128) will be comprised of the following equipment:

The Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™

This innovative technology has been specifically designed to safely sieve hand-fed ingredients through low-level bag emptying. Not only does the Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ improve product quality, it also protects the operator. The bag tipping platform enables operators to comfortably empty bags up to 25kg. The machine’s design and optimum clearance between the sieve outlet and the user’s production floor, makes the 3in1 fit neatly into the production process. In addition, the Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve™ uses the same sieving action as the Russell Compact Sieve® and therefore achieves a high screening capacity while eliminating any oversized contamination.

Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®

This industrial liquid filter, used for removing oversize and contamination from liquids, has a reusable filter element which is continuously cleaned by the SpiroKlene™ wiper system. The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® greatly reduces product loss, safeguards your operators and increases production rates. Offered in a variety of sizes, this model utilizes a unique self-cleaning functionality and its innovative design makes it even easier to fit into existing pipework.

Finex Separator™

The Finex Separator is a vibratory separator designed for accurate grading, scalping or sizing of wet and dry materials. This modern separation technology enables its users to separate up to five fractions in a single operation.  The separator’s revolutionary design is a testament to the advances in separation technology. With improved accuracy, capacity, noise level reduction and upgradability, the Finex Separator™ is set apart from traditional spring suspension separators.

Russell Vibrasonic Spiroscreen™

The Russell Vibrasonic Spiroscreen™ uses ultrasonics to prevent blocking of mesh as well as maintaining consistent flow rates. This innovative system enables powders to be sieved on finer meshes with more accuracy but also on larger diameter screens. With the Russell Vibrasonic Spiroscreen™, users have the opportunity to increase sieving capacities up to 10 times, increase mesh life, and eliminate mesh damage.

Russell Finex invites you to attend the PACK EXPO by registering for free on the PACK EXPO website by using the code 64H35.

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