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Dairy industry processing solutions

May 18, 2021

Discover how Russell Finex’s range of dairy processing equipment can help to improve your processing line.

Dairy producers are constantly striving to increase process efficiencies and reduce waste in their production lines, whether that is processing cheese, milk powder, or filtering milk. The need for hygienic and efficient processing means dairy producers are coming under increasing pressure to improve their processing lines to meet stringent health and safety regulations and consumer demand.

From milk filtration, curds and whey separation, to milk and whey powder screening, whatever your dairy application needs, Russell Finex has a solution to suit a wide variety of dairy processing applications. Each of these industrial manufacturing solutions can help to safeguard the quality of your dairy products, from removing contaminants and oversize, filtering milk, to increasing the productivity of your milk powder production process.


What processing solutions are available?

Milk filtration

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is a fully enclosed filtration system ideally suited to process liquid dairy products. Its hygienic design and unique SpiroKlene™ cleaning system ensures that contamination can be easily removed continuously without any operator intervention, protecting the milk quality, whilst the self-cleaning filter removes the need to use disposable bag filters, reducing waste, product downtime, and labor costs. This fully enclosed self-cleaning unit is ideal for protecting your upstream equipment, allowing your processing line to run smoothly and efficiently.

Curds and Whey Separation

The Russell Fines Saver™ is a unique high-capacity non-vibratory separator that is tailor-made for the dairy industry. Best suited for the removal of curd particles from whey during cheese production, this unit can also be used during the production of butter, to recover butter grains from buttermilk. With high flow rates of up to 100,000l/hr, this machine improves the efficiency of cheese and buttermilk production, whilst minimizing waste and reducing product downtime.

As more companies want to optimize their productivity, the Russell Fines Saver™ minimizes product wastage. Whilst curds are collected, the whey processed by this unit can be separated in a storage tank, dried, and processed for further screening as a powder, meaning that no processed product is wasted.

Milk Powder Screening

The Russell Compact Sieve® is the ideal unit for the check-screening of milk and whey powder. Specifically designed to provide CCP assurance, and designed in accordance with FDA and 3A, this is the most hygienic screener on the market. Whatever your production process or application, from whey powder to infant formula, this high-capacity unit will easily remove any agglomeration and contamination from your dairy powders.

Its easy-clean design allows for minimal contamination risk, and being a fully enclosed sanitary screener ensures total containment of the milk powder, protecting product quality without compromising flow rates.

About Russell Finex
With over 90 Years’ manufacturing experience, we have applied our expertise towards identifying and solving processing problems for the dairy industry with proven sieving, separation, and filtration technology across the globe. To find out more about how Russell Finex can improve your dairy processing line and safeguard your company’s reputation, contact our experienced sales engineers today.

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