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Russell Finex Office Olympics 2018

March 23, 2018

Russell Finex raises money for Sport Relief with a comical twist on their Office Olympics.

Russell Finex has set a target of raising £2000 this year for Sport Relief and welcomes donations of any size. Donations can be made via the Russell Finex Office Olympics Fundraising page to raise money for both national and global causes.

9.00am – Team “Jason’s Team’ are stepping up to the challenge with a great start to the Olympic events

9.30am – Team “The Rising Sun” are up and running, working and supporting each other as a team throughout all activities

10.00am – Team “Sorcery” are next to compete, with great motivation and excitement

10.30am – The ‘Ready Steady Cake’ sale is now open with a large variety of homemade cakes, pies and biscuits

11.00am – Team “I AM Pro” are ready and roaring to go, the treats from the ‘Ready Steady Bake’ sale has fuelled their energy.

11.30am – Team “Average Joe’s” are up next, competing for the title of first place in the Office Olympics

12.00pm – Last but not least Team “The Winning Team” take to the stage


Sport Relief is an initiative of Comic Relief registered charity 326568 (England/Wales); SC039730 (Scotland)

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