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Russell Finex Red Nose Day Challenge 2015

March 20, 2015

Russell Finex raise over £1500 for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day and successfully complete a 130 mile Bikeathon in 6 hours

On Friday the 13th of March 2015, Russell Finex took part in a Bikeathon in order to raise money for Red Nose Day 2015. The pressure was on as the team set themselves a tough target to outdo last year’s challenge where they cycled approximately 21 miles per hour to complete 250 miles in 12 hours (76 miles more than first planned). This year the challenge was to cycle 130 miles in 6 hours, requiring the team to cycle on average of 22 miles per hour. All our fantastic Russell Racers who took part managed to hit the 130 mile target with minutes to spare remaining on target before the end of the Bikeathon.

The challenge ran from 9am-3pm, with a team of 35 employees cycling as many miles as they could within their given time slots to reach the target. The bikeathon was streamed live throughout the day allowing the public, customers, colleagues, family and friends to tune in and watch the event unfold along with plenty of great pictures taken, some representing the great cause with a very sporting squeaky red nose.

By 10:38am, the Russell Racers were already a quarter way through hitting 32.5 miles and were frantically pedaling to stay on target in order to consistently keep up with the 22mph average. The team were off to a good start and the racers were hopping on to the bike one by one, already hitting half of the miles by 12:05pm. By then it was clear to see the team were doing brilliantly, pedaling above the target for the average miles per hour and by 14:57pm the 130 mile target had been reached with ease. Well done to the Russell Racers, the organisers, supporters and donators who made the event run smoothly and successfully. The bike used for the bikeathon was kindly donated by one of the members of the Russell team and was auctioned off with all proceedings also going to this wonderful and worthy charity.

The money raised for Red Nose Day is spent by Comic Relief to transform the lives of millions of people both within the UK and across Africa. The total amount raised by Russell Finex was £1550. Thank you to everyone who participated and donated, and you can view the live streaming event here in case you missed it on the day!

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