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Russell Sport Relief Triathlon 2016

March 18, 2016

Watch the Russell Finex Sport Relief Triathlon, as 5 teams battle to travel the furthest in 45 minutes

The Russell Finex Triathlon in aid of Sport Relief 2016 started at 10am, as the first of 5 teams battles cycle, run and row the furthest they can in 45 minutes.

Below you can see a recording of the event.

Introducing the teams:

RFL (Ready for Leading): Elliot Field (team captain), Sean Scully, Sebastian Scully, Dan Swigciski, David Osborne and Andrew Saunders.

The Avengers: Dominika Kolodziejczuk (team captain), Mesfin Adinew, Andy Blane, Sam Goldfinch, Cederick Tan and Tam Rodwell.

Russell Finext: David Brown (team captain), Phil Stevens, Jason Bishton, Callum Carr, Wesley Prigmore and  Santokh Singh.

Russell's Muscles: Darren Ralphs (team captain), Shiral Amin, Rob O’Connell, Giovanni Salgado, Janine Cohen and Allan Kagutha.

Russell Rhinos: Ken Armour (team captain), Martin Chipperfield, Liz Buckle, Nagarajah Niszanthan, Peter Rignall and Shobhna Thaker.

Live Updates:

10:50 - The RFL (Ready for Leading) team have covered a total distance of 48.52km, a very impressive start to the challenge. It's still not too late to donate.

11:45 - The Avengers have been working hard across the three disciplines, and have finished on a great result of 40.23km. 

12:50 - With astonishing 54.85km completed in 45min, Russell Finext race ahead in the challenge.

13:17 - Russell's Muscles are giving it all to beat the previous team. More than £500 already raised in donations! Keep helping us reach our goal.

13:57 - Russell's Muscles achieved 45.01km in this breath taking challenge to raise money for Sport Relief. Next are Russell Rhinos. Donate to this worthy cause.

14.05 - The final team, the Russell Rhino's, have taken their places to begin their challenge and try and beat team Russell Finext.

14.50 - Russell Rhino's have reached the finish line, completing 42.75km.

15.00 - Well done to all teams, and a big congratulations to team Russell Finext on their outstanding win.


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