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Screen Changer and Superclamp Upgrades

January 14, 2021

Russell Finex improves operational usability for the Russell Screen Changer™ and Russell Superclamp™

With 90 Years’ experience providing high-quality, innovative machinery to a range of different industries, Russell Finex is continually looking at ways in which its equipment can be improved. As global leaders in the production of industrial manufacturing equipment, it is important to continually be able to meet the demands of the modern-day processing industry and anticipate customers’ needs.

After new products have been released to a market, an evaluation with a range of customers is carried out to obtain feedback of its performance to identify if any enhancements can be identified and incorporated within the product. Two recent examples of this are the Russell Superclamp™ and the Russell Screen Changer™. As a result of this, each product was refined to provide increased benefits for the operator, improving ease of operation and reducing overall maintenance of the sieving equipment these systems are fitted too.

Upgrading the Russell Superclamp™

Improved for dust containment and operator usability, the latest version of the Russell Superclamp™ has been designed in line with continual customer feedback.

The new clamp is easier to use, as less force is required to close the mechanism. This ensures that not only is it easier for operators to handle, but the set up has been made easier to adjust. This allows the operator to easily check the clamping system, whilst still maintaining the correct force required to clamp the machine, ensuring containment of product and preventing risk of contamination.

An innovative new sealing arrangement has also been incorporated to improve prevent dust or water ingress into the interior mechanisms, which will further reduce any contamination risk to the product and improve product quality.

Importantly, these improvements on the Russell Superclamp™ can be used alongside older versions of the product and can also be easily retrofitted on any compact machine. Not only does this improve operator use, but allows for peace of mind for the customers, allowing them to be installed in the same way as the previous Russell Superclamp™ models.

superclamp upgrade

Ergonomic improvements for the Russell Screen Changer™

Adding onto the newer model released in 2017, the awarding-winning Russell Screen Changer™ provides effortless inspection and replacement of mesh screens on circular separators.

This screen deck lifting system has also undergone ergonomic improvements to improve usability and operator safety, allowing them to access the screen more comfortably.

Not only has this improved usability for the operator, but improved manual handling. The Russell Screen Changer™ is now easier to assemble and disassemble, refined and adjusted based on customer feedback, allowing it to be uninstalled far more smoothly from vibratory separators.

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A global leader in sieving and separation equipment, Russell Finex’s philosophy “Customer Trust, a Russell Must” is at the heart of all of its industrial manufacturing endeavors. With 90 Years of identifying and solving processing problems, the company works hard alongside its customers to ensure their needs are met.

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