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Screen Changer for Sieves and Separators

October 7, 2005

Improve your efficiency and safeguard the health & safety of your operators with the new russell finex screen changer

UPDATE: An enhanced version of the Russell Screen Changer™ is now available, providing added safety measures to ensure quick and effortless inspection and replacement of mesh screens. Click here for more information.

The new Russell Screen Changer unit reduces the risk of injury to operators and damage to mesh when changing screens on vibratory sieves and separators. By allowing mesh screens to be changed quickly and easily without manual lifting or additional tools Russell Finex is helping to improve productivity and safeguarding the health and safety of operators.


The demand for greater sieving capacity, and the number of separations, has led to an increase in the size and number of sieving decks fitted to sieves and separators. This increase in diameter and weight has made changing or cleaning a screen into a more difficult, time consuming and problematic operation.

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