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Separation Technology Day

July 19, 2013

On Friday 31st of May, Russell Finex N.V. (RFNV) invited customers to their site in Mechelen for the SEPARATION TECHNOLOGY DAY, an afternoon devoted to discussing the latest trends and products in the sieving and filtration industry.

General Manager Luc Serneels gave the guests a warm welcome, followed by a short introduction to the Russell Group. The presentation emphasized Russell Finex’s 79 years of experience and knowhow within the industry, along with an insight into the extensive investment placed in order to provide excellent customer service.

Ing. Koen De Ridder, RFNV Sales Manager, followed on to highlight the latest trends in sieving and filtration technology within the food and pharmaceutical industries. New Russell Finex products and innovations were unveiled, showcasing Russell Finex’s extensive investment in meeting the strict hygiene requirements within these industries.

Several Russell Finex innovations were displayed:

  • A revolutionary vibratory separator designed to accurately grade or size wet and dry materials up to five fractions in one operation. When fitted with the Russell Gated Outlet™, screening efficiency is improved as the flow of product from the oversize outlet is controlled, enabling product to stay on the mesh for longer.
  • Metal detectable, magnetic attractable and conductive (MDAC) gasketsOne of the latest spares developments, helping food manufacturers meet strict regulations and safeguard their product quality.
  • The soon to be released Russell Self-Loading Sieve™A complete stand-alone system which loads, screens and discharges material in one easy operation.

Russell Finex also invited two keynote speakers. The first keynote speaker was Dr. Ing. Luc Van Ginneken, Manager of a Separation Technology programme within the FISCH association (Flanders Innovation Hub for Sustainable Chemistry). FISCH is a knowledge center which identifies, stimulates and catalyses innovations for sustainable chemistry in Flanders. Dr. Ing. Van Ginneken explained the growing need to develop sustainable chemical production processes, which can be achieved by using alternatives for fossil fuels, micro process technology, rework and recycling polymers, renewable chemicals and separation technology. Via the Separation Technology programme, FISCH  wants to encourage chemical companies to invest in separation equipment for the intensification of their processes, such as the filtration of waste water. Also when cultivating micro-algae’s, one of the most promising alternatives for fossil fuels, Russell Finex industrial sieves are essential for extracting the algae.  According to Dr. Ing Van Ginneken, investments in separation equipment contribute to a sustainable production process, leading to savings in costs, water and energy  and also ensuring better product safety and a healthier work environment for employees.

The second keynote speaker was Dr. Katleen Coudijzer, Advisor of the Food Pilot, an initiative of Flanders’ FOOD and the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research (ILVO). The Food Pilot is a pilot food-processing plant with versatile processing equipment. With their scientific advice, the Food Pilot helps companies to improve their product quality by revising existing product lines such as streamlining production facilities, saving energy and reducing environmental impact. Companies can also pilot-test or prepare new food products at Food Pilot. Dr. Katleen Coudijzer explained that the drying of food ingredients is becoming more popular when processing food. After the drying process the product needs to be sieved, and this is where Russell Finex screeners can be used in the production process. The Food Pilot already have a Finex 22™ at their disposal for their customers. The Finex 22™  is a unique machine ideal for safety screening and grading of powders and granules.

After the presentations, the customers were given a guided tour of the Russell Finex N.V. site. The tour entailed an introduction to the meshing and test department. With a large stock of mesh and mesh frames, Russell Finex N.V. are able to manufacture quality mesh frames with a quick turnaround. The test department also holds a large stock of test machines and spare parts, giving customers the opportunity to conduct extensive product testing with Russell equipment, either at Russell Finex’s test facility or on their manufacturing site.

In the test area several machines were shown in full operation, including the new Self-Loading Sieve, the Liquid Solid Separator™, the Finex Separator™ with the Gated Outlet™ and the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. After the guided tour the customers had a chance to network with others in the industry. The afternoon ended with very positive feedback from those that attended, stating that it was a very interesting and informative afternoon, which they would like to attend again in the future.

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