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AMPro® Bulk Evacuation/Storage Tank

An AM powder handling equipment specifically designed for additive manufacturing powder evacuation and storage

With an integrated cyclone specifically designed for conveying AM powders, this storage tank is ideal for evacuating large volumes of powder. With an in-built conveying line, the Russell AMPro® Bulk Storage Tank can be efficiently used to deliver powder to and from machines for builds. It can be used in conjunction with the Russell AMPro® Sieve Station or a separate vacuum source such as an industrial vacuum cleaner.

Typical uses:

Features and benefits


Versatile build

Can be used to both convey powder from a 3D printing source to the tank, and to convey powder from the tank to the Russell AMPro® Sieve Station


Efficient powder storage

Has a larger storage volume, that can retain more powder than any other AM unit


Easily integrated into a conveying line

The Cyclone unit offers an ideal way to separate the powder from the conveying line to the storage tank


Maximum powder recovery

Contains secondary filters which ensures that no transferred powder to the unit is lost