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High performance mixing and granulation equipment

A range of industrial granulation machinery to meet the needs of a range of industries

Other granulation equipment, such as kneaders, mixers, and fluid bed driers, can be used in other parts of the granulation process (before or after extrusion).

Features and benefits of the Fuji Paudal Spartan Mixer Granulator


Increases productivity

With faster mixing times compared with a rapid mixer granulator and ribbon type mixers


Hygienic design

Easy to clean and easy disassembly enabled, ideal for applications which require frequent materials changes


Improves product quality

Equipped with a high disintegration force, the mixer easily achieves precise and uniform dispersion of agglomerates

Fuji Paudal Spartan Mixer Granulator

The Fuji Paudal Spartan Mixer Granulator is idea for batch, high-speed and precise dry mixing of fine powders, from 1-10microns. The mixing arm breaks large lumps and agglomerates and directs the material to a high-speed chopper rotor. This provides a high-shearing force, producing homogenous mixture in a short time, whilst the residual material can be flushed with a cleaning solution.

Fuji Paudal Kneader

The Fuji Paudal Kneader mixes powders and liquids to form a wet mass that is ideal for extrusion with granulation equipment. Dry powders are charged in the mixing chamber, and liquid is added, producing a wet dough which is then discharged for further processing.

Features and benefits:

  • Hygienic design – with a self-cleaning sigma blade design, and stainless-steel contact parts
  • Easy temperature control – jack equipped with an inbuilt thermometer, allowing for a temperature-controlled heating/cooling jacket
  • No tool disassembly – containing a removable inspection cover, making the unit easier to operate and clean

High Shear Granulator

The High Shear Granulator is a high-speed agitating mixer, which efficiently produces homogenous mixtures and a narrow particle size range of granules. Dry powder is charged to the granulation chamber where powder and liquid is combined to produce a high yield of 0.005-0.5mm dia spheres.

Features and benefits:

  • High accuracy – capable of accurate mixing and fine granulation
  • Minimize space and energy use – its versatile design allows for dry powder mixing, liquid addition and granulation all in one process
  • Easy disassembly – allows for complete cleaning of applications which require frequent material changes