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Spheronizer / Marumerizer

Improve process efficiency and reduce contamination risk with high performance machinery

The Fuji Paudal Marumerizer spheronizer shapes extruded granules into round spheres with a narrow final particle size distribution. This reduces dust, and improves particle flow and gives the product a high bulk density. With three different model types available to handle different product capacities, a solution can be found to fit your requirements.

These units are:

Features and benefits


Eliminates dust and fumes

Conditioning particles to prevent generation of hazardous dust and fines


Improves product quality

Produces a smooth particle surface suitable for thin layer coating


Increases particle flow

Eliminates sticking or bridging points of the extruded material

Convert wet pellets into desired particle size

The Spheronizer comprises of three main precision-made components, a vertical bowl with discharge port, a circular “friction” plate and a variable speed drive train. The feed material can be extrudate or moist granules from a mixer or granulator with. Since an extruded granule has two dimensions already defined, a narrow final particle size distribution is obtained, improving product yield and increasing bulk density.