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We understand the importance of sustainability with every activity, keeping economic, environmental, and social factors in mind. We are committed to supplying sustainable equipment to enable customers to meet their environmental objectives. As well as evolving our activities to cut carbon emissions we have adapted our shipping and waste procedures and support the local community.

Here is a list of our policy documents, detailing our position on the following:



Enabling customers

Commit to a Sustainable Future

Commit to a sustainable future

Minimal power is required to operate our equipment, minimizing production stoppages, and lowering energy consumption.

Protect Water Resources

Protect water resources

We have years of experience working alongside the water processing industry providing solutions to reduce your water footprint.

Enhancing Product Value

Enhancing product value

Our equipment is specially designed to prevent waste by removing contamination and guaranteeing product quality.

2- Renewable Energy

Renewable energy

We have made a significant investment in operating more sustainably, starting with installing solar panels which provides 80% of power used at our factories. We have also installed a carbon neutral wood pellet boiler further reducing the factory’s energy consumption.


We ship our units with the environment in mind. Our machines are delivered by sea freight where possible or using energy-efficient vehicles. We also provide in-house product testing to reduce transport emissions and re-use materials when shipping.


Reconsidering waste

We are making substantial progress on our goal to be completely paperless by moving all resources online; 100% of waste created in our headquarters is recycled, eliminating landfill.

Sustainable design

We have designed eco-friendly machinery that reduces waste, energy consumption and noise pollution, providing ecological solutions to customers across the globe.


5 - Sustainable Design

Progress towards a better future

Community engagement

Supporting the local community is a key activity for us. The company donates and volunteers with local foodbanks, youth centers and holds workshops and tours for schools to inspire the next generation.

Giving back

We also work to raise money and awareness for organizations like Comic Relief and Children in Need. Since 2014 we have donated over £109,000 and will continue this at the forefront of our activities.