DeDust Pro

Innovative design to remove dust from your product

Ideal for accurately removing nuisance fine powders, the DeDust Pro allows for quick and accurate screening of products.  As product is fed onto the screen fine particles pass through the mesh, while larger particles travel to the gutter where they are discharged separately. The full 360 degree gutter design allows larger particles to be cleared quicker, leaving the screen clear to sieve finer ones. This improves your productivity.

Features and benefits


Larger capacity screening

Particles are equally distributed across the screen for better screening rates


Improves product quality

Accurate removal of finer particles such as dust from your final product


Reliable and continuous performance

High quality construction means the DeDust Pro can run for many years

The DeDust Pro is a proven solution for de-dusting dry powders when fitted to a Russell Finex screener. Its design also prolongs mesh life by reducing screen blinding, meaning less operation stoppages for better cost efficiency. It can be specified as part of a new screener or retrofitted to your existing Russell unit.