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Filtering caramel at Mondelēz International

Mondelēz International reduces product wastage within the Cha-Cha process line by 20% with the installation of a Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter

Mondelēz International, one of the largest manufacturers in the cookie and biscuit industry, wanted to optimize its production process of one of its chocolate bars at the Belgian production site. During the production process a lot of caramel was wasted and therefore the company was looking for a self-cleaning strainer which could recover the lost product. It required a machine which could filter a high viscosity paste, at a high temperature in order to keep the caramel in liquid form for it to be reclaimed for reuse.

filtering caramel at mondelez

Having already been supplied seven Russell Compact Sieves® for the check screening of flour, the company counted on Russell Finex’s expertise to solve this new filtration problem. Russell Finex offered to test their industrial self-cleaning filter at the Mondelēz site. The results of the tests were very positive with the in-line filter keeping the high viscose caramel in a liquid state by filtering at a temperature of 35°C and reducing the product loss by 20%. In addition a special taste test found no difference in quality between a bar with or without the reclaimed caramel and as a result Mondelēz decided to install one Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®

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“The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is not only able to filter high viscosity pastes whilst keeping the product in a liquid state, but is also easy to maintain. With the added benefit of not needing to replace the filter media, this has been the filter we have been searching for. We would certainly recommend the Russell Eco Filter to producers of high viscosity liquids.”

Alex Pardon, Mondelez International
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