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Finex Separator improves your quality and productivity

Powerful vibratory separator accurately grades particle size fractions

The Finex Separator™ is the ultimate solution for quickly and accurately grading or sizing powders. It can also separate heavy or sticky solids from liquids where traditional separators fail.

Using multiple screens, you can sort up to five differently-sized fractions. The innovative vibratory drive system and rubber suspension increases productivity by up to 70% compared to conventional separators.  Maintenance and noise are also reduced significantly, protecting your operators.

Suitable across a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals and food and beverage.

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Features and benefits


Improves efficiency 

Grades materials up to five differently-sized fractions


Enhances product quality

Full mesh coverage provides accurate grading and separation. Patented rubber suspension reduces noise levels to 69 dBA


Raises throughput capacity 

Cascading design offers a significant increase in capacity over conventional separators


Increases flexibility 

Can be used at multiple points on your production line

Increase throughput up to 70%

We offer a range of sizes and features to meet your specialized requirements. And with the optional cascading design, you can support higher volumes of materials compared to standard separators.

vibratory separators

How it works

The Finex Separator™ drive system uses a completely standard, off the shelf motor rather than a custom vibrating unit found in traditional machines. This motor drives a unique, adjustable weight system that creates vibration in the sieving area above. The vibration is translated via four rubber mounts instead of the springs found on other separators.

This arrangement creates much bigger forces and therefore much faster sieving rates. It also gives more accurate separation because the weight system is infinitely variable and very easy to access. This allows you to control the flow of material across the meshes and use all of the available sieving area.

The rubber mounts also reduce the operating noise significantly compared to springs.

Finex Separator

Typical uses

The Finex Separator™ can be used for multiple applications and locations in a production line. It can be used to separate powders into different particle size fractions or remove oversized contamination from your products.

Here are a few examples of where it can help you:

  • Remove heavy or sticky contamination from liquid chocolate
  • Remove dust and agglomerates from pharmaceutical granules
  • Continuously remove solids from water or other liquid streams in recycling plants
  • Size metal powders accurately into discrete particle size fractions

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