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Vibro sifter / vibratory sieve

The Russell Compact Sieve® range – high-capacity sieving for your liquid and powder products

Engineered to improve the quality of your powder or liquid products, our range of vibro sifters are proven to increase throughput rates and eliminate oversize contamination for a wide range of applications. Used within a number of industries, including food and pharmaceuticals, the Russell Compact Sieve® is favored for its high-capacity sieving and small footprint for easy integration into new and existing production lines.

Features and benefits


Boost your throughput rates

Achieving higher throughput rates compared to conventional spring mounted sifters while enhancing the quality of your final products



Commonly used in food and pharmaceuticals industries, our range of vibro sifters meet strict hygiene requirements


Size and customization

Available in a range of sizes and options, we are sure to meet the requirements of your application


Quieter operation

With its unique rubber suspension and robust design, mechanical noise from the vibratory sifter is greatly reduced, further protecting operators health and safety

Compact Sieve

Efficient and compact vibro sifting

Built to the high standard, a high-performance motor is used to transmit high frequency vibration onto the mesh surface for effective sieving. Thanks to its size, the Russell Compact Sieve® requires a much smaller footprint than conventional sifters, without compromising on sifting capacity. Also thanks to its hygienic design, makes this vibro sifter the optimal choice for sifting a wide range of food products such as flour, bakery ingredients and other ingredients such as herbs and spices.

Compact sieve

Pneumatic sieving

For materials which need to be pneumatically conveyed, there is the Russell Compact Airswept Sieve which allows materials to be conveyed pneumatically from one location to the next within a production line. This setup is a popular choice within the food and pharmaceutical industries due to it being a completely enclosed operation, protecting the product and the operators.

Magnectic Separator

Magnetic separator

Specifically designed to remove ferrous contamination, we also offer a magnetic separator option with our vibro sifters. Commonly used in bakery applications, the magnetic separator is constructed from high-grade stainless steel and available in various strengths to meet industry hygiene standards.



Pharmaceutical requirements

Having worked with global pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer and GSK, we also offer specialized options to safeguard the quality and hygiene of your products. We have additional hygiene options such as a mirror polished finish using high-quality 316L grade stainless steel to minimize the risk of metal contaminants from your application. Combined with the sieve’s easy-to-disassemble construction, this helps to keep the equipment clean while minimizing the risk of product contamination.

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