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Russell Titanium Plus Vibrasonic system

Create even better products with finer screening

The Russell Titanium Plus ultrasonic mesh deblinding system is the latest in a long line of developments in this technology. We have been fine tuning our systems since 1970 to make sure they eliminate blinding and blockages, increasing mesh life and maximizing your productivity. This allows you to control your quality to even higher levels and create end products never previously possible.

You can adjust many parameters to get the best and fastest separation for your powders. We can also offer the contact parts in a variety of materials and finishes, as well as certification for use in all ATEX zones and other explosion proof areas.

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Mesh screens for ultrasonic deblinding systems

The mesh screen on any sieve is the most critical component, ensuring you can rely on your sieving solution to safeguard the quality of your final products. We offer a range of mesh screen designs to suit all sizes and applications.

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Increase your product quality and sieving capacity

The Vibrasonic® Deblinding System allows easy screening of even the most difficult powders on screens as fine as 20 microns.

Ultrasonic mesh screens

How it works

The Vibrasonic® generator control unit controls an acoustically developed transducer connected to the mesh frame. This applies a high-frequency, low amplitude vibration to the sieve mesh. The mesh frames are made with strict tolerances on tension and wire diameter to ensure best performance.

This vibration effectively makes the mesh wires friction-free and prevents particles from blinding or blocking the screen. This allows you to sieve on finer meshes and therefore achieve a better quality final product. And because the screen stays clear from blockage, it doesn’t need to be removed to be cleaned and is less likely to get damaged.

This ultrasonic deblinding works in tandem with the normal vibration of the sieving machine to give an even higher screening capacity.