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COVID19 update: asymptomatic testing initiative

March 11, 2021

Russell Finex staff undergo asymptomatic testing as part of a volunteering initiative via Hounslow Council to reduce the spread of COVID19

1 in 3 people who have COVID19 do not show symptoms, and the spread of this virus asymptomatically is a key factor towards the recent rise in positive cases. Given these statistics, to help reduce the risk of infection and prevent the spread, at the start of January Hounslow Council offered local businesses the chance to run asymptomatic COVID tests on-site every week for six weeks.

At Russell Finex we want to protect our staff as much as possible. In light of the rise in case numbers, working in collaboration with Hounslow Council, Russell Finex joined in with this local initiative in a bid to reduce the spread, as well as help protect employees, their families and friends. The first test session took place on the 27th January, and was a great success resulting in the operation being extended over at least a six week period.

These rapid tests, also known as ‘lateral flow tests’, are designed to give a positive or negative test within 30-40 minutes. These tests were undertaken every Wednesday on site in the Russell Finex HQ in Feltham over six weeks, to ensure that anyone working on-site is free from the virus.


When asked about this initiative, Russell Finex’s Managing Director Ray Singh said: “Protecting our staff is of the highest priority during this pandemic. As a manufacturing business, we are on the front lines and our workers and the products we make are crucial to the supply chains of key industries. Making sure our employees are well protected is the first and most important factor to our onward operations as a business.”

These tests are here as a measure to further protect our employees, alongside the current social distancing measures already in place by the government and implemented around the office and on the factory floor. Employee safety remains Russell Finex’s number one priority, and it is hope that being part of this initiative will not only protect all staff, but help reduce risk of the spread of COVID asymptomatically and raise awareness about its prevalence.

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