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Integrated Control Systems

November 30, 2012

Integrating the latest technology within your separation equipment for significant operational benefits

For over 80 years Russell Finex have been supplying sieving and filtration solutions across a wide range of industries and have become renowned throughout the world for supplying high quality, innovative separation equipment. Over the past few years, utilizing the latest technologies available, Russell Finex have developed numerous pieces of auxiliary equipment to provide improved control and efficiency of their vibratory sieves and the award winner Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® used for check-screening liquid products.

As a result, Russell Finex have recently expanded their electronics and control systems division and are now able to supply integrated control systems for their complete range of sieving and filtration equipment. This means you are now able to have all the functionality and control you need without the complexity and challenges often faced when using multiple control units.


Everything in one place
Integrated control systems allow operators to control different aspects of their separation equipment from one convenient location and therefore reduce complexity and operator involvement during the sieving and filtration process. Including an integrated control system not only increases your separation efficiency but also reduces labour costs associated with operating and maintaining equipment. In addition, the majority of systems utilise the latest PLC technology allowing you to easily integrate them into your existing control systems.  They can also be customized to meet your exact requirements ensuring you get the control you need to make sure your process is running at is full potential.

Below are some of the key control systems offered by Russell Finex:

  • Vibrasonic® Deblinding System – eliminates the blocking and blinding of mesh, allowing for accurate separation down to 20µm
  • Gated Outlet™controls the flow of product from the oversize outlet, improving productivity by ensuring the product is screened efficiently
  • Vibrastop™ – uses the latest in starter technology to eliminate excessive movement during start up and shutdown.
  • Filter Management System™Automatic filtration system that continually monitors and controls your liquid filter and can be retrofitted to any existing filter system. As well as controlling the operation of the filter, this unit can also incorporate a variety of additional features to suit most installation such as pump control and line over pressure detection.

The integrated control system can be retrofitted to our range of vibratory sieves and self-cleaning filters. Whether it is controlling the periodic discharge of product through the oversize outlet, or eliminating excessive vibration from shutting down, Russell Finex integrated control systems will ensure your separation equipment runs at its optimum performance.

Russell Finex offer a wide range of industrial sieves and filters to ensure we have the solution that best meets your needs. You can also view our spares & services section to help identify the most effective additional units for your application. Alternatively you can contact us for more information.

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