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Sustainable Business: Adapting to Survive

August 1, 2019

Businesses that are to thrive in the future will be the bringers and leaders of change today

The world is changing. With global warming becoming a pressing issue, and the rise of technologies designed to redefine the very nature of how we work, the implications this has for businesses across the world is quickly becoming difficult to ignore.

Why should businesses be sustainable?

The topic of sustainability is a growing one. In order to remain profitable, and maintain or improve their market position, businesses need to realize the benefits of sustainability and embed it into their operations and way of thinking. The Triple Bottom Line, the standard accepted by the UN, is one that addresses this need: measuring an organization's success as one that is based on economic, ecological, and social factors (or “profit, planet, people”). Moreover, an increasing number of regulations have come into force in recent years that engage businesses in this way, such as the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting 2017, and the Waste and Resources Strategy 2018.


How can Russell Finex help businesses be sustainable? 

Russell Finex makes a concerted effort to produce eco-friendly machinery. As stated in its environmental policy, the company has pledged ‘to design and construct process equipment which will in turn operate with minimum power consumption, minimum noise levels and constructed, as far as possible, from recyclable materials.’

All of its machines are also designed to help customers prevent the waste of product and reduce their footprint whether they deal with food manufacturing, ceramics, pharmaceutical, or waste effluent. Alongside longstanding products such as the Liquid Solid Separator™ and the Finex Separator™, recently released onto the market is the Russell AMPro Sieve Station™: an industry-leading innovative system for recovering and recycling fine metal powders used in the 3D printing process. This machine effectively eliminates waste within additive production facilitating sustainable growth as the industry continues to expand.

Russell Finex: leading the way in sustainable business practices

As a global leader in manufacturing, Russell Finex is proud to be a business that puts sustainability at the heart of its endeavors. The company recognizes that sustainability in its business can add value, and continually seeks to address this pressing issue through a variety of different in-house initiatives such as manufacturing products designed to support the waste management and recycling industries, and corporate philanthropy.

At its head office in Feltham, UK factory upgrades have been carried out over the last few years, which have included the installation of eco-friendly power sources and appliances, such as solar panels on the factory roof, a wood pellet boiler, an eco-certified air conditioning system, and LED lights. As part of continuing upgrades, a ‘paperless’ initiative has also been implemented through the company’s wider Lean Manufacturing process. Each of these changes has seen a 12% decrease in energy consumption, and Russell Finex strives to further increase efficiency. Furthermore, the company reuses and recycles much of its commercial waste, including industrial materials, and as of June 2019 100% of waste was recycled, completely eradicating anything sent to landfill.


About Russell Finex

With 90 Years’ experience in the manufacturing industry, Russell Finex has worked hard to consistently innovate and adapt in order to contribute, and recognize the importance of sustainability in its business, and will continue to do so for years to come. Contact us today to see how Russell Finex's sieving and filtration solutions can improve your business.

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