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The Titanium Series: a new, versatile line of VDS equipment

April 14, 2021

Russell Finex launches the brand-new Titanium series; a versatile line of VDS equipment for 2021

For over 35 years, Russell Finex has led the way in ultrasonic deblinding technology with its patented Vibrasonic® Deblinding System (VDS). Russell Finex has the unique honor of being the only global manufacturing supplier to both manufacture and support ultrasonic sieving systems. With this level of expert knowledge and technical expertise versus any other business in the market, we know that designing an ultrasonic sieving unit that is not only fit for purpose but can be supported throughout its entire life is incredibly important.

Introducing the new Titanium VDS Series

Russell Finex is a company that strives for excellence and innovation, and continually looks for ways to improve and develop its products to the very highest quality based off customer feedback and ongoing R&D. That is why we are proud to be launching the new Titanium Series - a versatile line of VDS equipment suited for any fine powder screening application, eliminating mesh blinding and blockages and increasing the longevity of the sieving system’s mesh screen.


How it works

An ultrasonic frequency is applied to the sieve mesh using an acoustically developed transducer. The frequency of the vibration breaks down surface tension, effectively making the stainless steel wires friction-free and preventing particles that are slightly greater and smaller than the apertures from blinding or blocking the screen mesh.

How can this new VDS Titanium series benefit you?

Blockages and blinding of mesh in sieve screens is often a challenge many manufacturers face in their production lines, where consistency and reliability is key. With Vibrasonic technology, mesh life is preserved, product quality is improved, and throughput is increased.

The range of machines that make up this Titanium Series provides customers with overarching improvements from the previous Vibrasonic® Deblinding System model. This includes better power consumption, optimized deblinding performance and easier integration into your processing lines.

As well as offering these improvements, the range offered by Russell Finex allows businesses to benefit from a wider variety of solutions to combat any sieving problem. It showcases the durability and versatility of Russell Finex’s equipment as well as its reliability. Installing the new Titanium Series Vibrasonic system onto your sieving equipment will significantly increase your productivity and profitability.

About Russell Finex

With over 90 Years’ experience supplying sieving, separation, and filtration solutions to a range of global customers, Russell Finex’s has both the longevity and expertise to handle whatever your production line requires. This new range of VDS equipment is part of its ongoing commitment to innovate and produce top-of-the-line units that consistently provide customers with the highest quality in industrial manufacturing equipment on the market.

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