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Pneumatic Blow Thru Sieve

Protect your powders in a positive pressure convey line

The Russell Blow Thru Sieve™ improves the quality of your products before they enter your production process. Ideally suited for tanker loading and unloading, the pneumatic sieve removes oversize contamination from your powders during dilute phase pneumatic conveying. It can achieve capacities as high as 25 metric tonnes per hour (60,000 lbs/hr).

The unit is extremely quiet and needs minimal maintenance. It is also simple to check the contamination removed by each tanker delivery, allowing you to give feedback to your supplier.

We can also customize the unit to suit your application and installation perfectly.

Features and benefits


Guarantees your product quality

Safeguards the quality of your powders


Increases your productivity

Check screens and conveys in a single operation


Reduces your costs

Minimal operator involvement and maintenance


Lowers noise levels

Solid rubber suspension means less than 65 dBA

Blow Thru Sieve

Achieve throughputs as high as 25 metric tonnes per hour (60,000 lbs/hr)

This pneumatic sieve removes oversize contamination from powders during conveying.

Blow Thru Sieve

How it works

The Russell Blow Thru Sieve has a simple but innovative design:

  • Simple, side mounted motor vibrates the sieve mesh
  • Pressure rated design allows positive or negative pressure conveying through it
  • Robust construction allows it to operate outside in unloading bays
  • Rubber vibration mounts give lower operating noise
  • Easy to clean contact parts mean shorter cleaning times

Success stories

Pneumatic sieving of sugar

Ferrara Pan Candy maintains quality standards with the Russell Blow Thru Sieve.

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Upgrades available