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Solution de tamisage industriel pour les poudres pharmaceutiques

Une grande entreprise pharmaceutique optimise sa chaine de production grâce à l'installation d'un équipement de tamisage haute performance de Russell Finex

With nine manufacturing companies across India, a leading pharmaceutical company had plans to develop and revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry across the Indian subcontinent. Six of these manufacturing facilities focus on the combination and formulation processes of pharmaceutical drugs, whilst three focus on processing active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Recently the company sought to expand one of its plants, which was manufacturing general oral solids, to include injectables and oncology oral solids. To efficiently process these, the company required a high-capacity vibrating screen to ensure that the highest quality of the final product was met.


To achieve this, they turned to Russell Finex for a solution who assessed the company’s requirements and recommended the Russell Compact Sieve® as the ultimate solution for check-screening pharmaceutical powders. With all stainless-steel contact parts, and an easy-to-clean strip down design, the Russell Compact Sieve® is an incredibly hygienic machine.

This versatile unit also protects operators from dust and fumes with its high containment, and its compact design allows it to fit into areas of limited headroom. To further remove any ferrous contamination that is small enough to pass through the mesh screen, the sieve is fitted with a Russell Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™.

By installing the 600m diameter Russell Compact Sieve®, the company was able to remove contamination and consistently produce a high-quality product. Moreover, the company was able to meet high levels of demand effectively with this innovative solution to its processing problems.

With 85 years’ experience, Russell Finex is a global leading in sieving, separation and filtration technology. Supplying screening equipment to various companies in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as other industries from food and beverage, ceramics and metal powders, Russell Finex can find a solution for any processing problem.

Contact Russell Finex today to speak to an experienced sales engineer today to find out how your unique requirements can be met.


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L'avis de nos clients

“Le Russell Compact Sieve® était la solution idéale pour nos besoins de tamisage. Il améliore la qualité de nos différentes poudres pharmaceutiques et permet d'augmenter les débits tout en restant compact. Nous sommes très satisfaits des performances de la machine et nous sommes impatients de travailler avec Russell Finex dans le futur. ”

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