Magnetic Separators

The Russell Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator for check screeners

This fully stainless steel magnetic separator is designed to provide the ultimate solution for controlling ferrous contamination when check screening dry powders. Unlike conventional magnetic separators where the magnetic bars are secured at both ends, the Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ has a unique open-ended design allowing for ferrous contamination to be removed easily and effectively.


Enjoy the many benefits of the Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator:

easy clean magnetic separator for sieving machines

  • Unique easy-clean design makes removal of ferrous contamination quick and easy

  • Designed to allow optimum coverage of magnetic field strength

  • Hygienic, crevice-free design to ensure no bug traps

  • Manufactured to Russell standard to ensure high quality finish and durability

The Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ is crevice free and constructed from the highest quality 316L grade stainless steel and is available in a brush or mirror polished finish. It has been strenuously tested at Russell's ISO:9001 accredited facilities to ensure complete durability and reliability. It is available as a standard ferrite model, providing a nominal 2,000 Gauss strength at the surface, or a more powerful rare earth option reaching up to 9,000 Gauss.

The Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ can be used on the range of Compact Sieves, including the high-containment Compact Airlock Sieve™, as well as the Finex 22™ model.

Frame Guard

The Russell Frame Guard™ is a high quality, durable storage system designed to protect mesh screens and magnetic separators from potential contaminants when not in use. Read more.

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