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High performance sieves, screeners and separators safeguarding the quality of your final products.

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Eliminate mesh blinding and blockage of difficult powders with the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, allowing accurate separation down to 20µ.

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Enclosed liquid filtration with a unique self cleaning wiper system to provide effective and continuous filtration down to 15 microns.

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A worldwide leader in fine mesh separation technology, Russell Finex has enjoyed 85 years of successful growth, to become an international group employing over 250 direct employees. Offering the widest range of sieving and filtration equipment in the market, Russell Finex supplies to over 140 countries with companies in the UK, USA, Belgium, India and China, as well as a far-reaching network of experienced agents and distributors across the world.

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Customized solutions for every industry

Pharmaceutical powder sieving for leading contract manufacturer

One of New Zealand's largest good manufacturing practices doubles its throughput rates of powdered materials with the Russell Compact Sieve®.
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Whisky distillation automation

White Peak Distillery cuts filter replacement time and costs and receives payback in 12 months with the Self Cleaning Russell Eco Filter.
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Some happy clients

What our clients say

“The units add capacity without taking extra space. Because they’re mobile, we just wheel them wherever we need them. We can also strip one down for cleaning in 30 seconds and reassemble it just as easily.”
Dave Hoffman, Enzymatic Therapy
“The Eco Filter wiper system works on a continuous basis, cleaning the filter element surface at all times, providing a consistent throughput rate and differential pressure.”
Andrea Bozzellini, Consorzio Latterie Virgillio
“We are very satisfied with our purchase. Russell Finex’s commitment to providing testing and customization makes them the obvious choice for providing a quick, high quality solution.”
Alfonso Rubio, Ferrara Pan Candy
“We were previously using static basket filters, however they were easily damaged and had to be cleaned 8 times a day, resulting in production breaks and even loss in revenue. The Russell filters take less than half of the space of the previous filters, but still have a large capacity of 1500kg/hr. In addition, the filter media does not get damaged easily and is re-usable. ”
Dieter Van Overbeke, Beaulieu International Group
“We have used Russell sieves successfully for many years but the new Russell Vibrasonic separators are really excellent and much faster than conventional separators. They have allowed us to significantly improve process efficiency and achieve the consistently high standards of product quality and purity that are demanded by our customers.”
Kevin Godfrey, Mining & Chemical Products Limited
“The Compact 1200 sieves have allowed us to maximize productivity while ensuring a consistently high quality product. They are robust and well built and their design makes them very user-friendly and easy to strip down for cleaning. Because they are so compact they fit easily into our manufacturing lines while being able to produce the high throughputs that we require.”
David Caddell, Centura Foods
“The automatic wiper removes all solids that stick to the filter so it’s always clean. An operator just keeps an eye on the system and spends his time on other shop tasks. Eliminating the downtime of cartridge cleaning and replacement has dramatically improved production workflow. We’ve reduced labor by 75% and cut maintenance by 50%.”
Eric Poisson, Global Recuperation
“The screeners compact size and design fit our needs perfectly. It not only allowed us to keep our existing equipment setup, but also maintained our production efficiency better than other screener options we had. ”
Quintin Richard, Agrilectric
“After we replaced the five original separators with new ones from Russell Finex, we increased throughput by almost 50%.”
Tom Oldaker, Zemex Corporation
“In order for us to ensure high product quality, we needed to select the best processing method available. Our long standing relationship with Russell Finex meant that we knew we could rely on them to deliver a sieving solution to fit our requirements.”
Jürgen Eckhart, Treibacher Industrie AG
“The two Compact 3in1 sieves have enabled screening capacity to be doubled, allowing for greater flexibility, improved screening and therefore a reduction in waste and labor costs.”
Steve Norris, Clipper Teas
“The new Vibrasonic system works extremely well - it has increased our productivity levels and is a great improvement on the older design of machines that we used before - it gives us much greater control, we can ‘tune’ the Vibrasonic system to the products.”
Production Supervisor at GlaxoSmithKline
“I have to believe installing the new filter system is making us more competitive. The Pittsburgh operation tested an Eco Filter system a few months after we installed ours, and they have ordered some based on our success. Also, we’re planning to expand the new filter throughout our Anaheim plant.”
Rob Lonergan, Neville Chemical
“Any risk of product contamination has been eliminated completely with the Russell compact screeners. Compared to the rotary units we replaced, they are very simple to dismantle and clean. In addition, we no longer have pieces of nylon mesh finding their way into the product which was a frequent problem we experienced with the rotary screening machines.”
Idar Larsen, Jotun A/S
“We required a sieving system that would enable us to check-screen the milk powder to meet the standard set not only by Nestlé but also by Chile and the countries the milk powder is being exported to. With the industry moving towards 2mm screening, it was important to choose a sieve that would meet this criteria without slowing down the production process.”
Jaime Sanchez, Nestle Chile
“During initial product trials, we recognized how the new Airlock screener utilizes the Russell Compact technology to increase screening efficiency allowing even sticky products to be sieved without blinding. Also, due to its new clamping system, it is extremely easy to dismantle when compared to conventional clamping methods. It is clear that this particular unit has been designed specifically for this type of application.”
Tapas Datta, Cipla
“They are so quiet you do not know they are running.”
Mick McGary, Colmans
“An efficient production line with a throughput of 2,000 – 2,400 kg/hr was required, and the Russell Eco Filter comfortably delivers this. The Eco Filter is better than our previous machine as the pressure is much lower and it removes all the unwanted particles from the honey.”
Hege Bjørnbakk, Honningcentralen
“Having a global recall is something that we are unable to quantify in terms of costs. However, with the new Russell systems in place we have complete peace of mind that our product is being supplied to the highest standards. In fact it has actually made our metal detectors virtually redundant since we rarely ever hear them activated. ”
Peter Van Ingelghem, Godiva
“We no longer have to shut down production or babysit filter bags. Because we are removing all the particulate pieces of product from the brine solution, we are not blocking up our nozzles and are getting good brine flow into the system. With more production uptime and lower labor costs, the Eco Filters are helping us stay productive, competitive and grow into new markets, they are part of our winning team.”
Steve Whitman, Mt Olive Pickle Company
“I was so happy with the first machine it was natural to go to Russell Finex to purchase the second one.”
Carl Scheib, The Cookie Man
“We got more out of our buck than we could have with a centrifuge. The unit is portable and compact so we move it around where needed. Another plus is that it's helped us cut water use by up to 30 percent since we use less water to clean out the decanting vats. As water resources get tighter, especially on the West Coast, that's becoming important.”
Jon Wiltfang, Actagro
“We ran a trial using the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter and were extremely impressed - it’s easy to use, achieves a consistently high throughput and also reduces product wastage.”
Mark Downing, Whitford Plastics
“We have used other brands of filter but Russell’s Eco range offers better performance and quality, and also reduces wastage. They are simple to use, easy to clean and maintain and operate virtually automatically. And because the filter element lasts much longer than in conventional filters, parts are replaced less frequently, reducing downtime and producing further cost savings.”
Bill Andrews, Cuprinol
“With reduced waste disposal costs and greater production uptime, the Liquid Solid Separator is playing an integral role in helping Finlay’s remain the UK’s leading manufacturers of decaffeinated and specialty teas.”
Malcom Eade, Finlay's
“In the last year, we’ve assured quality while improving productivity and labor efficiency. ACC has grown through the down economy and continues to grow, and the Russell Finex Separator is one of the factors that’s helped us achieve this. The new separators give us up to 33% more production uptime than our previous system with more accurate screening and better yield.”
Jason Yelm, Accurate Color & Compounding
“Because the Eco Filters are so operator friendly and eliminate the need to clean filter baskets, we’re saving about 60 man hours a week with them on our 24/7 shifts. They’ve also eliminated filter blockage and pump seizures. Rather than ‘baby-sit the filters,’ our maintenance staff is now staying on top of other important tasks such as preventive maintenance.”
Bill Alfano, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates
“Compared to our previous manual filtration system, the enclosed Eco Filters have allowed us to achieve good housekeeping and reduce labor costs.”
Mr. V M Salunkhe, Visen
“The Vibrasonic system has helped eliminate blinding at the fine mesh sizes/narrow particle size distributions required by the medical market, all the way to 45μm/325 mesh. It has enhanced our material throughput to the point where we can meet specified requirements in virtually a single screening pass, while improving material recoverability.”
Charles Motchenbacher, Reading Alloys
“The atomising package along with the Russell Finex machines have dramatically increased the company’s production levels more than 4-fold. The sieving units have allowed them to streamline their operational efficiency by preventing bottlenecks and increasing productivity.”
Dr Paul Rose, Atomising Systems
“Our process downtime virtually disappeared because the filter cleaned itself and discharged oversize quickly and cleanly through the purge valve. It allows us to quickly, cleanly rework purge materials back into the product stream, and will save us about 500 hours of labor and $10,000 in labor costs this year. The self-cleaning filter has added significantly to our bottom line and helped us toward our goal of continuous improvement.”
Rick Baker, Henry
“ Russell Finex were the only company willing to provide us with a test unit before we had to commit to any equipment. Because of this, we ran the trial unit for approximately one month before deciding that this was clearly the right choice for us.”
Peter Hithersay, Veolia
“The results were encouraging and signify an early indication that one-day sieving on the moon could be possible. It is hoped that further experiments will be undertaken in the following years. It was good to establish connections between NASA, the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Russell Finex. Our relationship with Russell Finex will be something we can look on in the future. ”
Nathan Wong, University of Wisconsin
“ Compared to our previous screeners, we've doubled capacity in half the space. Not only that, but we've significantly increased yield while maintaining quality and minimizing maintenance. The units last and last - we’re still using our original 15-year old screener in mass production.”
Becky Pitz, Toshiba Corporation
“ We specified a Russell sieve because we have already experienced Russell quality and are completely confident in the equipment’s reliability, and the service offered by the company is second to none.”
Brian Bourne, Royal Crown Derby
“The Russell Compact Sieves have not only helped us to meet our required capacity, but have also provided a hygienic solution that is mandatory for the milk powder industry.”
Jaime Sanchez - Nestlé Chile
“During initial product trials, we recognized how the new Airlock screener utilizes the Russell Compact technology to increase screening efficiency allowing even sticky products to be sieved without blinding.”
Tapas Datta - Cipla
“Any risk of product contamination has been eliminated completely with the Russell compact screeners. Compared to the rotary units we replaced, they are very simple to dismantle and clean.”
Idar Larsen - Jotun A/S
“Compared to our previous screeners, we've doubled capacity in half the space. Not only that, but we've significantly increased yield while maintaining quality and minimizing maintenance.”
Becky Pitz - Toshiba Corporation
“The new separators give us up to 33% more production uptime than our previous system with more accurate screening and better yield.”
Jason Yelm - Accurate Color & Compounding
“Saved resources, better quality, production and labor use - the Liquid Solid Separator continues to help us optimize our process.”
Jon Wiltfang - Actagro
“The Russell filters take less than half of the space of the previous filters, but still have a large capacity of 1500kg/hr. In addition, the filter media does not get damaged easily and is re-usable. ”
Dieter Van Overbeke - Beaulieu International Group
“Because the Eco Filters are so operator friendly and eliminate the need to clean filter baskets, we’re saving about 60 man hours a week with them on our 24/7 shifts. Rather than ‘baby-sit the filters,’ our maintenance staff is now staying on top of other important tasks such as preventive maintenance.”
Bill Alfano - Gertrude Hawk Chocolates
“As different batches of colors are processed through the same machine, a key benefit for the Compact Sieve is that there is no color contamination from one batch to the next and cleaning only takes a matter of minutes”
Keith Harrison, Newlife Paints
“We cut downtime from product changeover in third and enhanced product quality by switching to the Russell Finex Compact Sieves. By expediting cleaning, preventing cross contamination and aiding product quality, we achieved ROI on the Compact Sieves in a few months.”
Bob Minton, Deloro Stellite
“Many screeners require a lot of time-consuming teardowns for cleaning, and that detracts from productivity. The design of this screener is really simple, which makes it easy to knock down and clean to our stringent requirements. The Compact Screener has an electropolish finish, which not only makes it easier to clean, but also makes it sanitary, which is very important in our business.”
Dennis Cowles, Farbest
“Our long relationship with Russell Finex has been cemented with excellent high quality machinery and aftermarket support they provide. We would certainly recommend them to others in the industry.”
Richard Holt, Altro
“We needed a system that would allow our operators to easily dis-assemble the machine for cleaning”
Richard Holt - Altro
“The Russell in-line filter fulfils the need of our liquid emulsions business, and offers a very high throughput rate which helps us maintain our short lead time and quick delivery of our product”
John Morphet, Flexcrete
“Our mission statement. 'Customer Trust, a Russell Must', burns brightly in our company. Our goals and objectives are updated annually ensuring we remain at the forefront of process solutions.”
Ray Singh, Managing Director, Russell Finex
“The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is not only able to filter high viscosity pastes whilst keeping the product in a liquid state, but is also easy to maintain. With the added benefit of not needing to replace the filter media, this has been the filter we have been searching for. We would certainly recommend the Russell Eco Filter to producers of high viscosity liquids.”
Alex Pardon, Mondelez International
“We’re planning to expand the Charlotte plant sometime in the future, so I anticipate we’ll be adding another Russell filter to ensure ink purity and improve operation efficiency.”
Bill Black, INX International
“The machine is very simple to operate. It comes apart and puts together easily with no bolts or tools needed.”
Bill Black - INX International
“With the Russell Compact Sieve installed at the end of the production line, the quality of the product is guaranteed. This extra quality check assures us that our product is contamination free. We are very satisfied with our purchase and would recommend Russell Finex to other manufacturers who have a screening requirement.”
Koen Nijs, Promat International N.V.
“The two day event was very useful to not only learn more about Russell Finex but also the range of applications their machines are suited to. Following the event we will be looking into possible applications Russell Finex technology can be used for.”
Michael Hogan, Nestlé
“Not only do we have a more efficient operation, but we also have reduced waste and have improved our carbon footprint as the filter bags are no longer going to landfill. The operational benefits from the machine were so great that it has paid for itself within a year.”
Jim Redfern, Angus Fire
“By testing the Compact Sieve and the Vibrasonic System at our production site we were certain the equipment could meet our requirements. We were more than satisfied with this service offered by Russell Finex as it assured us we were making the right investment.”
Patrick Follon, Production Manager at Profel Extrusion & Finishing
“The two-day event was very well organized, providing the opportunity to learn about the work Russell Finex is doing with Nestlé across different sites and applications.”
David Macia, Nestlé España S.A - Girona
“In order to meet the demands of the modern pharmaceutical industry, it is important to meet the highest standards of good manufacturing practice. The combination of our high containment isolator and the Russell Compact Sieve®, meets these standards, enabling our customers to guarantee high quality pharmaceutical products.”
Sylvain Querol, PSL Tendering Manager Europe
“We were very satisfied with the service Russell Finex offered us. By trialling the machine at both the Russell Finex facility and at our site we were confident that the machine was the right one for the job.”
Johan Jacobs, Millibeter founder
“The installation of the Russell machines has not only made full sanitation easy to achieve, but also protects the health and safety of our operators. These units have proved to be the ideal solution, helping us to meet production demand whilst improving hygiene.”
A Bhaskar Reddy, Sri Krishna Pharma
“Since our first purchase in 2002, we have trusted Russell Finex to supply high quality equipment to meet the demands of our customers. We now run a completely automated production line, and are very happy with the service provided by Russell Finex. From technical advice to after sales support, we receive excellent advice from the sales team.”
Nikos Itskos - Haitoglou Bros SA Technical Director
“It was a pleasure working with Russell Finex. During initial powder trials with other suppliers, we experienced difficulties with long sieving times. The addition of the Vibrasonic Deblinding System with the Russell Compact Sieve reduced processing times. Russell Finex’s experience in this field is second to none.”
Peter Devenny, Technical Sales Engineer at Extract Technology Ltd.
“To put in numerical terms, to sieve 20kg of material using the OEM provided equipment would take approximately eight hours. With the [Russell Finex] sieve plus Vibrasonic, I can do the same amount in roughly ten minutes.”
Daniel Dempsey, New Balance Additive Manufacturing Engineer
“Our new filter from Russell Finex has significantly improved this area of production. We can expect to achieve a return on investment of 150% year on the unit, through savings made on not having to purchase replacement paper filter cartridges.”
Alev Palabiyik, Milhans Production Manager
“The Russell sieve proved the ideal solution for our requirements. The unit is quick and easy to setup and transport into position when needed. It more than meets our required throughput, and the sieving accuracy allows us to ensure a consistent quality of powder for our customers.”
Lee Dursley, Plant Manager at Francis Flower
“We chose to work with Russell Finex on this project because of the wide range of compact pharmaceutical screening equipment available. When providing premium custom-built solutions such as this, it is imperative the equipment we integrate is of a high quality, operator-friendly and versatile to meet specific functions and environments.”
Paul Stanway, Business Development Manager at Howorth Air Technology
“We are delighted with how the Russell Finex sieve has performed since it was installed. It has been invaluable in checking incoming materials, meaning we’ve experienced virtually no problems with contamination and damage to our equipment. The unit is used all day, every day and has exceeded our expectations regarding durability.”
David Sparks, Plant Manager at Kemira Chemicals (UK) Ltd
“The Liquid Solid Separator has really exceeded our expectations, not only proving a cleaner more hygienic environment, but also providing considerable labor and cost savings. ”
Marie-Anne Doret, General Manager of Ecuries de la Picaute
“The turnaround process between jobs used to take well over an hour. Using the AMPro has made this significantly shorter, as it makes the powder handling processes automated, allowing operators to focus on other key tasks such as preparing the machine for the next build. This has been a fantastic investment for us – speeding up our day-to-day process and improving our materials’ quality – absolutely key when producing high-value parts.””
Dave Cooper, Head of Additive Manufacturing Technologies at Progressive Technology
“We are very happy with the performance of the Russell Eco Filter. For us, the greatest feature is the reliability of the equipment – we don’t experience any breakdowns or blockages. The filters are extremely robust, with no intervention needed for maintenance and minimal operator involvement, meaning our operators can focus on other tasks, ensuring the plant runs efficiently.”
John Allen, Lucite International Group
“The Finex Separator has significantly improved the output of this area of our production line. This new unit has increased capacity by 20% compared to the previous machine, and the accuracy of separation is excellent. As with all our Russell Finex equipment, one of its great strengths is its reliability – our production operators can continue with other valuable tasks whilst the machine is in operation, and it requires minimal maintenance.”
John Allen - Lucite International Group
“The self-cleaning filters were easily introduced into our existing processing line. They work perfectly at all times, with minimal involvement from the team, and have significantly cut processing times.”
Simon Downey, Production Manager at Farrow & Ball
“The support from Russell Finex was excellent. They loaned us an evaluation unit which we tested in a live production environment, running the separator with different mesh sizes and at different locations to establish the optimal operating conditions.”
Fulvio Salvo, Manufacturing Manager at Silvateam
“We chose Russell Finex because the company is reputable in the industry. The Russell Eco Separator is very versatile, enabling us to change settings, and can be used to screen wet or dry materials, giving us flexibility in the future.”
Matthew Simmonds, Chief Technology Officer at Entocycle
“Russell Finex machines solved the issues we previously faced relating to operator health and safety. Whereas the previous sifters omitted a high level of dust and fumes, these separators are significantly more operator-friendly, and allow easy sifting of various pharmaceutical powders. These units not only increased our production but also improved the product quality, meeting the needs of our customers.”
Raju Lokhande, General Manager at Windlas Biotech
“We chose the Russell Compact Sieve because it allowed us to install a vibratory sieve without making structural changes to the production line. Now, thanks to the Russell Compact Sieve, we can guarantee that our product is free of any metallic and non-metallic contaminants.”
Carlos Eduardo Martinelli, Maintenance Manager, Realcafé Solúvel do Brasil
“Using the AMPro has made the turnaround time for builds faster and more efficient. This has been a brilliant investment for our production process, as it has allowed our operators to concentrate on other tasks, speeding up our overall process and improving our material’s quality.”
Ross Studzinski, Chief Manufacturing Engineer
“We were very excited about the high capacity output and the speed at which the Russell Compact Sieve processed the cocoa powder. This product is ideal for guaranteeing and safeguarding our product quality.”
Maurice Pinho, Company Owner
““We check the quality of our products throughout all stages of production as we cannot compromise on quality, due to the strict technical specifications and high standards of our customers. We are very satisfied with the performance of the Russell Finex machine which achieves this quality to meet our customers’ standards”.”
Mr Ratan Oswal, Development Manager at IMP
“The Russell Compact Sieve was the ideal solution for our screening requirements. The sieve improves the quality of our various pharmaceutical powders and, whilst being compact, delivers increased flow rates. We are very happy with the performance of the machine and look forward to working with Russell Finex for future requirements.”
Spokesperson for leading India pharmaceutical company
“We were really impressed by the improvements that the Russell Compact Sieve made to our production process. It allowed our throughput to increase by up to 50%, a far better rate than we were seeing when using our previous sieve.”
Steffen Rode, Owner and General Manager at Lactoprot
“This unit is highly efficient: both in terms of money saved and ROI but also in the time it saves for the business. This is a crucial step in the overall process, and one that has more than benefitted the entire business.”
Red Waldron, Distillery Owner at Blue Valley Spirits
“Comprobamos la calidad de nuestros productos en todas las etapas ya que no podemos comprometer la calidad, debido a las estrictas especificaciones técnicas y altos estándares de nuestros clientes. Estamos muy satisfechos con la solución aportada por Russell Finex que consigue esta calidad para cumplir con los estándares de nuestros clientes.”
Mr. Ratan Oswal, Jefe de Desarrollo en IMP
“The Finex Ultima machine exceeded our expectations. We are now achieving the desired throughput with a high-quality product. The unit is operator friendly and is quick and easy to disassemble and clean.”
Rushabh A. Lodha, Chemical Engineer at M.B Sugars & Pharmaceuticals
“We were very happy about how Russell Finex went above and beyond to give us a solution to our problems. The fact that they also provided us with a test unit to trial for the solution also proved incredibly helpful and we were very pleased with the partnership that was made.”
Mr Holger Mainka, Managing Director at PFR Nord
“We are very happy with the quality and performance of the Russell Compact Sieve machine. We are now achieving the desired throughput with a high-quality product. Operator involvement has also been reduced, and our processes are running without the need for excessive manual handling, which saves us time and speeds up the production process.”
Mr. Akhil Mishra, Officer for Engineering Products at Vista Foods
“After 3 years of using this equipment, we’ve never had any issues. We chose the Russell Compact Airswept Sieve as it was the most efficient and reliable unit compared to other options on the market.”
Angelito de Jesus, Maintenance Supervisor at Natulab
“We were very impressed by how Russell Finex’s Mini Sifter saved us so much time, acting as the optimal replacement for our previous sieving machine. It was a highly efficient, quick and compact unit, that greatly improved our production process.”
Paul Jette, Site Manager at Paleo Solutions
“This industrial grading sieve not only has a large capacity and is convenient and flexible to use, but is easy to operate when screening different batches of powder coatings and cleaning for color changes can be done without any tools.”
Production Manager - leading coatings company
“The Russell Compact Sieve processes 5,000 litres of mash an hour. The fruit juice is crystal clear and tastes delicious.”
Mr Zimmermann, Technical Manager at Sachsenobst
“The Russell AMPro Sieve Station is incredibly intuitive to use, conveying and sieving into a compact unit. The reliability and repeatability offered by this machine made it the best solution for us, improving powder traceability and quality, and future proofed long term collaboration between Russell Finex and the MTC for years to come.”
Vince Sparrow, Team Leader of Additive Operations
“As a contract manufacturer for the food and pharmaceutical industry, we are dealing with sensitive raw materials and products. This requires the trust of our customers. Having worked with Russell Finex in the past, we know its screening technology is innovative and the most reliable for our production and filling processes.”
Jan Zabel, Technical Project Manager
“The double deck solution is brilliant. It allows us to produce three grades of putty in a single pass. We use the finest putty as a base for our limewash paints.”
Martijn van Ommeren, General Manager
“The Russell Eco Separator made an excellent and notable addition to the production line, improving our throughput rates and time saved from previously manually grading the coffee grinds. It definitely met expectations both in terms of separation efficiency and ease of handling, and ensured we could achieve the perfect grind each and every time.”
Christoph Huber, Owner and Manager of Barrel Coffee AG
“The big advantage with the Russell Finex filter is the ease of operation, the convenience, and the multifunctional use.”
Patrick Haerens, Plant Manager
“The sieve capacity on the AMPro Lite was far higher than our manual sieve, which was very important for our powder recovery operation. It was incredibly easy to communicate with Russell Finex’s China team for technical support and after sales help.”
ShanFang Zou, Technology Manager at Tianqi Additive

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