Recycling Additive Manufacturing Powder

Specialized AM powder handling systems are available to meet the specific requirements of various 3D printing powders including metals, ceramics, plastics and sand. These systems can be integrated throughout the additive manufacturing process, and applied to various technologies including SLM, DMLS, LMD, SLS, Binder Jetting and EBM. Russell Finex has worked within the additive manufacturing (AM) industry since its beginning, utilizing relationships with key partners to deliver a range of separation solutions to equipment manufacturers and end users.

All Russell Finex AM powder handling equipment is manufactured to a premium quality, meeting the highest standards of design, usability and performance as demanded by this rapidly advancing industry. Whether check-screening virgin powder, reclaiming and recycling additive manufacturing powder following production or grading powder before or after use, a range of premium AM powder sieving solutions is available.

Below is a selection of applications where Russell Finex separation equipment is used within the additive manufacturing industry. However, we have dealt with many other types of processes so please contact us to see how we can help with your specific application.