Ultrasonic Sieves With Deblinding Screens

Ultrasonic sifter prevents blinding and blocking when screening difficult powders

Russell Finex's innovative ultrasonic sieve deblinding system has revolutionized the way difficult powders are screened on sieve meshes. It enables sieving on finer meshes (down to 20 microns) without any blocking or blinding of the aperture. It also increases throughput and reduces cleaning times.

Using an acoustically developed transducer, the ultrasonic system applies a high-frequency vibration to the sieve mesh. The frequency of the vibration breaks the surface tension, making the stainless-steel mesh effectively friction-free and preventing oversized and undersized particles from blinding or blocking the mesh screen. Our ultrasonic systems can be fitted to new and existing vibrating sieves and screeners.

Features & Benefits

Ultrasonic deblinding system eliminates mesh blockage

  • Improves product quality – Screen powders on meshes as fine as 20 microns without blinding or blocking

  • Increases throughput capacity – Ultrasonic screening can increase sieving capacity tenfold by enabling powders to pass through meshes faster

  • Reduces production downtime – Prevents blockages and reduces time spent on cleaning meshes

  • Minimizes running costs – Frictionless system eliminates damage caused by mechanical deblinding systems

  • Upgrade existing systems – Simple retrofit solution for all new and existing vibrating sieves and screeners

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How Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System Helped Different Industries:

  • Sieving 3D printing powders at New Balance

    New Balance’s Zante Generate sneaker is the world’s first running shoe with a bespoke 3D printed midsole. A Russell Compact Sieve and Vibrasonic Deblinding System is used by the athletics shoe manufacturer to aerate powders before they are printed. The ultrasonic sifter eliminates screen build-up, allowing seamless processing of powdered polymers. Read more

  • VDS 2021 website.png

    Screening Lacquer Coating Powder

    Russell Vibrasonic Systems have transformed production processes in the powder coating industry. By preventing blinding and blocking, and enabling powders to be screened on finer meshes, the ultrasonic sieves have increased throughput and quality. And, because the innovative technology is easy to clean, smaller batches can be produced cost effectively. Read more

  • liquid_chemicals.jpg

    Sieving Metal & Chemical Powders

    Treibacher Industrie AG produces finely graded metal alloys and ceramic powders for industrial use. The company employs Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding Systems on its production lines to ensure consistent quality. The ultrasonic sifters enable the manufacturer to accurately screen powders on meshes as fine as 20 microns without blinding or blocking. Read more

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Frequently asked questions

What is the use of an ultrasonic separator?

Ultrasonic separation allows for easier separation of bulk powders such as metal powders, paints, chemicals or food powders. An ultrasonic frequency is passed through to the sieve mesh, causing it to vibrate. This prevents blinding, or blockage, thereby letting particles pass through the mesh more easily.

What are the advantages of an ultrasonic separator?

Materials such as metals and pharmaceutical powders can present a challenge in sieving as they easily stick to mesh apertures, causing build-up which can reduce throughput rates and product quality. An ultrasonic deblinding system provides a fully automated solution for mesh blinding to increase production rates while preventing mesh damage.