liquid solid separator

Liquid solid separation equipment removes solids from liquid slurries and recovers valuable materials in the waste stream for re-use

There are a wide range of applications where there is a need to remove solids from liquid slurries. At Russell Finex we have extensive experience in this area, so whether you are processing wash water, separating curds from whey or looking to manage your effluent streams, we offer a range of machines to meet your individual requirements. As well as conventional separators, the unique non-vibratory Russell Liquid Solid Separator is high capacity centrifugal separator with a small footprint able to process up to 100,000l/hr.

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What is solid-liquid separation?

Mechanical solid liquid separation is an effective method to remove contamination and separate solid materials from liquid slurries. The solid-liquid filtration process involves a type of filter media, usually a metallic or synthetic mesh screen, by which suspended solids are removed from the liquid. Depending on the setup of your manufacturing lines, these range of filtration machines can be used both for batch and continuous separation, improving overall efficiency of the manufacturing process.

How does liquid-solid separation work?

As the slurry passes through the machine, the mesh blocks the solids from draining away with the liquids resulting in two distinctly separated materials. The mechanical force then allows the rest of the liquids to be properly drained away from the suspended solids, ensuring there is no product wastage. Since the process can involve solids of varying properties the correct equipment is chosen depending on the density, weight, and size of the solid materials.