Our range of separation equipment

Russell Finex offers the widest range of separation equipment in the industry. From vibrating sieves and screeners to self-cleaning liquid filters, we deliver proven solutions to improve the quality of your liquids and powders. Find a suitable machine for your separation needs from one of the six main sections below.

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Check Screeners

This range of industrial sieves and screeners are used for quality assurance by removing foreign contaminants and oversized material from your product.

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Grading Sieves

This range of industrial sieves are used to grade or classify material into different particle sizes, enhancing product quality and increasing your productivity.

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Liquid Solid Separation

An advanced liquid solid separator typically suited to the removal of solids from liquid slurries and the recovery of valuable materials in the waste stream for re-use.

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Self Cleaning Filters

Our range of filtration equipment uses a revolutionary self-cleaning wiper system to remove oversize contamination from liquids, improving your product quality.

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