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Finex 22" flexible sifter improves your product quality

Versatile screener removes contamination from the most difficult products

The Finex 22″ is a well established solution for wet and dry applications. It can be used for safety sifting and accurate grading of your products.

The drive system can be adjusted for full control over different materials, from typical powders to difficult viscous and thixotropic liquids. We offer a fully stainless-steel version of the unit, as well as a choice of optional inlets and outlets for your specific application needs.

Features and benefits


Improves productivity

The Finex 22 outperforms conventional 48" spring mounted separators


Increases flexibility

Easily manoeuvrable for use at various locations across your plant


Reliable design

Requires minimal maintenance and is engineered for a long life


Reduces downtime

No-tools disassembly for fast screen changes and easy clean down

industrial sifters

Maximize throughput and separation rates

Used in a variety of applications, these versatile sifters can be customized to suit your specific requirements. A stainless-steel version is available to meet the hygiene standards of food and pharmaceutical applications.

Finex 22″ Sieve

How it works

The Finex 22 drive system uses a completely standard, off the shelf motor rather than a custom, vibrating unit found in traditional machines. This motor drives a unique, adjustable weight system that creates vibration in the screening area. The vibration is translated via a rubber suspension instead of the springs found on other separators.

This arrangement creates much bigger forces and therefore much better sieving rates. It also gives you more accurate separation because the weight system is infinitely variable and very easy to access. This allows you to control the flow of material across the meshes and use all of the available sieving area.

The rubber suspension also reduces the operating noise significantly compared to springs.

Success stories

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