Screen Mesh to Micron Conversion Tool

Welcome to the Russell Engineering Conversion Tool where you can carry out conversions of engineering measurements quickly and accurately including mesh to micron conversion. Whether you are looking to convert metric to imperial, or wanting to interpret viscosity's or flow rates the Russell Engineering Conversion Tool handles more than 30 common conversions to help you with your engineering calculations.

Simply choose the conversion you require from the drop down list and then input the value of your existing measurement.



Mesh to Micron conversion

This precise mesh to micron conversion tool has been specifically designed to help engineers calculate what they need to ensure their business’ product is processed accurately, and that they choose the appropriate mesh screen for their application.

As one of a few select converters to offer this many options, the addition of a mesh to micron conversion is an innovative response to the needs of engineers and businesses across the world. With this tool, you no longer need to look through a lengthy mesh to micron chart or a mesh conversion table to calculate conversions, but can instead save time with this simple, quick, and accurate interface.


More than a conversion tool

If you are looking for a separation solution, you can use the Russell Machine Selector to help guide you to the best separation solution for your application.

Alternatively, you can browse through our extensive library of demonstration videos to help you see how our equipment can process your products.

If you require any help using the conversion tool or if you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Russell Engineering Conversion Tool Units

The Russell online engineering conversion tool allows you to make many conversion types. Check the list below to see all types of conversions you can make with this tool:

  • Distance: quickly convert meters, feet or inches

  • Area/Surface: use the Russell conversion tool to convert square feet, meters, inches or square yards

  • Flow Rate: convert kilogram/sec to pound/sec

  • Temperature: convert celsius to fahrenheit

  • Weight: online conversion between most weight units like ounces, kilograms or tons

  • Mesh to Micron: use this engineering conversion tool to calculate microns and approx. mesh count

  • Pressure: fast and simple conversion between bar, Psi or pascal

  • Power: watts to horsepower in two clicks

  • Dynamic Viscosity: convert pascal seconds, centipoise or lb/ft2

You can also use the Russell tool to easily convert Volume (area and liquid volume), Density or Velocity.