Sieve Rescreening & Remeshing

High quality mesh screens for high quality sieves

When it comes to vibratory sieving equipment, high-quality mesh is key to ensuring consistent material separation and productivity. Russell Finex provides excellent meshes alongside our market-leading equipment to match your production needs, as well as rescreening and remeshing services to keep sieves and screeners in top working order.

The Russell Finex screen remeshing service

At Russell Finex, we are proud to provide a fast, high-quality remeshing service to ensure equipment is maintained to the highest standard after sale. Remeshing is considered a cost-effective solution for mesh damage, breakage and low-tension as opposed to replacing the entire mesh screen.

To remesh your screen, simply complete the returns slip, return your screen to us and we will remesh it as soon as possible – saving you the cost of a complete new screen.

Bulk remeshing may be a more suitable option for customers located far away from our facilities, or those who require regular remeshing of multiple sieving units. Our transportation systems minimize shipping costs and ensure safe delivery of your remeshed frames every time.

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For regular meshing and remeshing services, we can offer customized stocking policies to ensure the meshes and frames you require are always readily available. This guarantees minimized downtime and 24-hour turnaround.

Meshing techniques available from Russell Finex include: 

  • Mesh-Family.jpg

    Vibrasonic Meshing – Ultrasonic deblinding systems rely on three critical aspects; the mesh frame, the mesh, and the VDS system. Each part of the system should be well maintained in order to achieve a reliable and consistent performance.

  • Durable bonding for sizes up to 2m – We can manufacture and remesh a wide range of different types of mesh screens  including non-Russell Finex frames.

  • Food and Pharmaceutical suitable- A safe, white adhesive tested to FDA 175.300 for high quality food and pharmaceutical applications.

  • High temperature/Solvent resistant bonding – We can offer bonding methods, utilizing high-performance adhesives, which can withstand a range of hostile environments.

All of our mesh facilities are approved and audited to mesh for ATEX environments and our manufacturing plant is ISO 9001:2000 accredited. We supply ATEX approved mesh frames giving full earth continuity, improving the safety of your operators. Our mesh frames comply with all ATEX Zones: 20, 21, 22, 0, 1 and 2.

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