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Vibratory sieve rescreening/repair

Russell Finex offers industrial sieves re-meshing solutions

Mesh screens are critical to your product quality and productivity. We offer high quality re-meshing services to reduce your costs and environmental impact. Our state-of-the-art facilities are located all around the world.

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We service all brands and models of sieves and screeners

Instead of replacing the entire mesh screen, re-meshing is a cost-effective solution for mesh damage or low-tension mesh. We offer a fast service to ensure your equipment is always maintained to the highest standard. We offer all types of bonding methods to fix the mesh to the ring including the FDA approved adhesive, standard adhesive and spot welding. All meshes are carefully prepared with the correct tension to give the best sieving performance. This is especially important for ultrasonic type mesh frames to ensure they perform correctly.

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Meshing options available:


Different types of frames for diameters up to 1.5m

We re-mesh a wide range of mesh screens including non-Russell Finex frames, such as rectangular, with devices attached, low profiles, with supporting bars, sandwich models


Food and pharmaceutical compliant

We use a safe FDA 175.300 tested white adhesive for high-quality food and pharmaceutical applications


Vibrasonic specification

Ultrasonic deblending screens rely on specific mesh types and tension to achieve reliable and consistent performance and avoid expensive problems with the system generator


Magnetic detectable mesh screen and gaskets

For even more peace of mind, we offer 430 and 318 grade stainless mesh. This would be trapped by a magnet in the case of any failure. Mesh frame gaskets with the same properties are also available.

If you need multiple screens re-meshed or you are located far from our facilities, our bulk re-meshing service may be more suitable. We can also offer customized stocking policies so meshes and frames are always available.

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What makes our quality exceptional

We take great care in the manufacture of our new mesh screens and repair of screens (re-meshes). We also have the experience to know how to construct these circular sifter screens to give them the highest performance and longest life.

Re-mesh manufacture:

New screen manufacture:

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