Check Screening Milk Powders

High performance sanitary sieving equipment for the milk powder and baby food industry

At Russell Finex we have extensive expertise in milk powder separation whether skimmed, fat-filled or whey powders. We understand the costs associated with downtime due to nozzle blockages in driers during spray drying and the affect reduced product quality has either through agglomerated product or worse still from contamination ending up in your final product. Whether you are producing milk powders or blending them with other powders for products such as infant formula, incorporating a Russell Compact Sieve® within your production line will provide you complete peace of mind and safeguard your reputation.

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The Russell Compact Sieve – The screener of choice for sieving milk powder for the baby food industry

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a high performance vibratory sieve and has been designed specifically for the food industry.CompactAAA.jpg

  • Minimal product contact parts for quick & thorough cleaning

  • Simple operation with tool free dis-assembly

  • Finer screening to meet new industry quality standards without compromising production flow rates

  • Designed in accordance with the 3-A standard & FDA for faster validation times

Used by many of the leading manufacturers of milk powder and infant formula across the world, the Russell Compact Sieve® is the most advanced and reliable sieving solution for the milk powder and baby food industry.

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What our clients say

“We required a sieving system that would enable us to check-screen the milk powder to meet the standard set not only by Nestlé but also by Chile and the countries the milk powder is being exported to. With the industry moving towards 2mm screening, it was important to choose a sieve that would meet this criteria without slowing down the production process.”
Jaime Sanchez, Nestle Chile